I am filing for adoption of Praful Patel . Sure, he’s too old to adopt, but I can always pester him to adopt me instead. Purba Patel doesn’t sound too bad, does it?

It pays to be a Patel and how. Not only do you get freebies, joyrides and upgrades to first class in Air India; you get to hobnob with the likes of Vijay Mallya and have a private jet ferry you to Phuket, free of cost!

Wait, it doesn’t stop here. You also get to treat the National Carrier as your Daddy’s private garage. The Maharaja can bleed to the point of collapse, suffer massive losses, employees be asked to take pay cuts but I will have no qualms in getting a scheduled flight cancelled and use it as a private jet to ferry IPL players. Trivialities like inconvenience caused to hapless passengers on a confirmed Delhi-Coimbatore flight is not my headache.

Rules are meant to be broken, especially if your daddy is the Union minister of civil aviation.

This is precisely why Air India will never be disinvested. It will be kept afloat at a massive expense, footed by the tax-payers money, only to serve nepotistic purposes of ‘Public servants’. The common man can jet-set on Kingfisher ;-)


  1. Well, that is the whole point. Top brass out there is paid to keep quite and to *Felicitate* private players to make merry of the developing nations economy while taking a hit on public sector environments. I have some insider news that some of the busy routes have been allocated to private companies at prime times while our Maharaja flies to less prominent places with minimal occupancy.

  2. thats the way the cookie crumbles.. :(

  3. People will soon forget these episodes and the politiciansGiri will continue. Once in a bluemoon we get to know about these through media. Politicians are no more public servants!!! They also think in terms of what they earn while they r in power. Pathetic, but who has the power to change this whole set up. Corruption has been nicely blended into the whole system and it cannot be cleaned up by just making one or two ministers step down.

  4. The sad part is perhaps the kid ic completely bewildered at being rapped on the knuckles for what she thought was her birthright. We all let our kids get away with things that we know are not right. The degree differs on the position of power or affluence.

  5. @ Mohan Felicity with facilitation? But in my opinion Public sector was created as one big freebie for Netas. No wonder most of them are either sick or dying (not the Netas).

    @Magiceye: And they feast on cookies while we get the crumbs.

    @Subu: Agree, but awareness,debates, accountability is any day better than nonchalance.

    @Sharmila: More like bewildered at being found out and grabbing headlines for all the wrong reasons.

  6. Are you sure you prefer that over Purba Pawar or Purba Gandhi?
    With Purba Pawar, you and your extended family can own Maharashtra and BCCI in a proxy manner.
    With Purba Gandhai you own the entirre country :)


  7. You can try Khan-s too. :)

  8. @ Vasu : So many big daddies, so little time.

    @ Nethra : The Khans still claim to be in their 20's(at least in their head). They'd rather die than adopt me ;)

  9. haha.Misuse of power..
    and playing with the TAX payers money.

    she gives bad name to the Youngistan.

    well written

  10. You could probably try being Purba Powar Gandhi... now not only u own MH but also IN and with it, the Maharaja.......ek teer se hazaar shikaar! lol...

    Misuse of Public property is so blatant in this country, that it is not even funny any more....
    Arranging for private jets is a good thing, after all security of the players matters but not at the expense of hapless Indian citizens.
    Wonder when will it all cross the boiling point and when the time will come when we say 'enough is enough'.

  11. These politicians and all the misuse of power makes me sad. Wonder when I will get the opportunity to do all these!

  12. @ Talkreviews Most of us continue to be nonchalant about it. We read about it, express umbrage and get on with our lives. For us it's somebody else's problem that somebody else is expected to take care of.

    Sad but true

    @Raja:Become a Neta, in 8 easy steps?

  13. @ Sorcerer: Thank you :)

  14. Thank you for this little truth. Shout out to skin lightening!


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