Never Ending Story

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Today was special, just too special. As she stretched herself like a cat, Dia smiled. She didn’t do her usual running up to the window and furiously drawing the curtains – strangely the morning sun didn’t hurt her eyes. She had a beatific smile plastered on her face as she ran up to Dhiren and planted a wet slurpy kiss on his cheeks. She pushed him aside - I’ll make tea today. Dhiren was looking very alarmed now. What’s wrong with you darling, is everything ok? She smiled her secret smile. Naah, I’ll keep my rendezvous a secret. If Victoria can have a secret, why can’t I?

Dia had asked for a half day at the office today. The drive didn’t seem even one bit annoying to her. Why, she wasn’t even gnashing her teeth. The cacophony of horns almost sounded like music to her, she had to stop herself from tapping her feet.

Her heart didn’t do the familiar plunging-into-abysmal-depth thingie as she entered her office. She had a song on her lips, albeit a little off key. The few hours she spent in office were sheer torture. She had to stop herself from checking her watch every five minutes. Gosh, did she love the pretty diamantes on her pink watch. She was distracted and made a lot of mistakes in her “status report”. When grumpy Kohli yelled at her, Dia had to stop herself from yelling back. Naaah, she didn’t want such trivial things to come in between her and her special day.

When it was finally free to leave, Dia felt like a bird out of its cage. She parked her car at the mall. I hope I’ll find what I’m looking for. Last time she felt so cheated. All this unnecessary baggage – did she really need it? Shut up Dia, focus!

Her heels clicked furiously as she walked, her heart beat faster. She gave an adoring look to her shoes – it was love at first sight for her. True, she had to forego an entire month’s lunch for it – but it was worth every penny. Yea, it did pinch a bit...okay a lot. But it made her feel like a diva. The mall smelt good, oh so good – the smell of coffee wafting around, the excited chatter of shoppers. It felt like home. And then she saw what she had come looking for, a late evening text that had sent her schedule in a tizzy. The love of her life, her passion, the reason for her existence, those four gorgeous letters S - A – L – E.

Dia took a deep breath as she walked inside the store. Gone was the exhilarated smile, her face had the grim expression of a chick on a mission now. Quickly, she scanned through the displays. The store was big...she wanted to cover every inch of it. She was sorely missing her friends today...rather her ex-friends. After the last sale when she literally snatched that divine cape from Shruti’s hands and elbowed Leena so hard that she had caused a broken rib, her two best friends had stopped talking to her. Well, you win some, you lose some, she shrugged. She made a quick mental calculation; she had exactly 4 hours at hand. Yesss, 4 hours in this paradise on discount...

Suddenly, her ears pricked up...where is this sound coming from? As she turned to her left, she spotted about a dozen women surrounding something, chattering excitedly. She was on high alert now. Her eyes picked out the sacred 50% off tag. She was now a tigress out for the kill; Dia had just smelt blood.

A push here, a shove there and she was in front of a humungous pile of all that her heart had ever desired. OMG this jumpsuit is yummy. Damn why is it I can never find my size. She was furiously digging into the heap, like a busy ferret, her brows knit in concentration. Yesss... she finally found something, a gorgeous bolero jacket and it was her size ...Yipeee... Jeez why is it not coming out! Wait. why is it moving in the opposite direction? And she felt that offending hand that was trying to snatch her precious jacket away from her. Her eyes imperiously surveyed her opponent, and she said in a honey-sweet voice. Isn’t that your mobile on the floor? And off she was with her prized jacket flung over her shoulder. She didn’t even look back once to notice the girls’ stunned expression.

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The next few hours were sheer bliss – unearthing a gorgeous bag here, spotting a dress in the softest wool there. The feel of satin, eyeing the collection of boots all begging to be picked up...Ufff...this was Nirvana. If Dia had her way, she would spend the rest of her life here, away from the madding crowd.

As Dia stood in the serpentine queue at the trail rooms, she surveyed her booty and gave a smug smile. She hugged the little charcoal dress lovingly, it was just too special. How she had stooped to conquer -stooped low enough to flick it off from a girl’s shopping basket, just as she had put it down to try a hat on. As Dia tried on the fifth pair of jeggings at the trail room, she checked her reflection in the mirror – Her hair was a little dishevelled, her cheeks flushed, her pupils a little dilated. She mouthed “I love you” to herself. The jeggings fit her like a dream.

Her only spoiler for the day was the credit card slip – her heart skipped several beats.

It was very late, when Dia reached home. Dhiren was home waiting for her. Where the hell have you been, I have been trying to call you up all evening!! Why didn’t you pick up the damn phone? She gave him a sheepish smile as she sunk in to the couch. Dhiren’s eyes landed on her 15 shopping bags. He was hyperventilating now. Have you been shopping again! Have you forgotten that we have to pay our EMIs for the house, the car and the fancy vacation we took in Maldives?? You think this is one big joke, don’t you! Dia puckered up her lips as tears welled up her eyes. She was barely whispering now....I managed to save over 3 K today. I try, don’t I?


  1. second worst nightmares.....just behind being surrounded by less than 4 year olds in a closed room.
    And only two lines about the cat fight. Please post a video next least 30 minutes long.
    Putting myself in Dhiren's shoes....when I see the shopping bags.....I go and hang myself from the ceiling fan.
    But it was funny...did I mention that?

  2. Giggle Giggle Giggle..The last line."I managed to save over 3 K today.." An absolute killer..Really enjoyed the post..

  3. Yes... Never ending saga indeed..!
    No man would ever understand the fights we fight and the difficulties we face and the joy that we get during SALES!
    Women on a mission!!!
    Although 15 shopping bags is...ummm... A LOT!

    Nice one! :)

  4. Tooo much! I can never splurge like mad on shopping (and how!).

    By the way, are you also a shopaholic?

  5. Lol.. Sounds like a personal experience by a certain Mrs Ray. :)

    Well.. can you please write a book? Kthxbye

  6. UPTO 50% is such a misnomer..but hugely enticing. The irony is that I never find my size during sales...;(

  7. Prateek...Wait till you get hooked. Then we"ll talk.

    Blue Lotus...LOL there's always a logic behind the madness.

    Chandana...Worth all that sweat and distress.

  8. Vinitha..I love shopping, but don't exactly go haywire. And I hate crowds.

    Priyanka...Naa inspired. And I love observing people.

    Alka...Seriously!!! how is it during sales you only find large and extra large sizes.

  9. Great writing....and such minute details...I suspect it is autobiographical :-/

  10. seriously now enough is enough...aik novel hojai..booker keh liyeh hum vote karengeh.....

    ha ha Purba this one is good...seems was flipping through a Jhumpa Lahiri(well you are much better tho....)

  11. Reminded me of "confessions of a shopaholic"..Good one :)

  12. hahahahhaa, awww, bechaari, aur ek wo hain, jo samajhte hi nahi hain. :P

    Really hilarious, and of course contains a punch.


    Blasphemous Aesthete

  13. That's me. Just swap in-person for online, and hand-grabbing for "add to cart".....gawd ! I have, however, managed to create an enviable collection. And a huge dent in my account.

  14. Reminded me of 'Confessions of a Shopaholic'. I do hope this is not an autobiographical entry? :P

  15. Funny :) Some consider shopping as a sport don't they?

  16. Shopping can give you high for some time. I used to enjoy it once. Now with two young daughters i take a back seat:)

    A nice post :)

  17. magiceye..:))

    Giribala... Puhleez I don't behave like a psycho during a sale :)

    RK...Yeh kuchh zyadaa ho gayaa :P

  18. Priyanka...Actually inspired from a newspaper article that suggested that we owe our shopaholic tendencies to our surname.
    But I do love Sophie Kinsella :))

    Blasphemous...My first attempt at a story :)

    Sugandha...And I'm dying to see your collection. Will when you get back.

  19. D2...No baba, far from it!!

    Anto...More like a stress buster. daughter hates shopping but loves her new clothes.

  20. It was like "Confessions of a Shopaholic". By the way, is it your story? Are u a shopaholic too?

  21. Will sure observe the grim expression of a chick on mission next time I am in a mall. :-)

  22. oohhhh i love shopping :D and sales are bliss :D
    the last line was just awesome :D

  23. Ooohhh sale!Nnow that's one word I love.
    There are sales everywhere this time of the year and I plan to blow my entire 6 months stipend this time. I deserve a treat don't I :)?

    Loved the post!

  24. Lol at I managed to save over 3 K today. I try, don’t I? :D
    Super fun read... :)
    Shopping, I simply hate it... Don't know how people enjoy it so much... For me its just another task :)

  25. foraying into fiction ... ???

    I seriously want to meet someone like your protagonist ... i have a lot of questions to ask ... i'll settle for even someone who is half a shopaholic ... :P

  26. Siddhartha...:)

    Nethra...I like shopping, but definitely not a shopaholic. This is fiction!

    Harish...You mean all this while you didn't notice??

    Rajlakshmi....Hahaha...what about when you come back home and realize that you ended up with stuff you didn't need in the first place?

  27. Pooja...Go for it babe!

    Tanishka...Ohh...I have always loved shopping :)

    flawsophy...LOL...Yupp my first attempt at fiction and nobody but you got it.

    And what exactly is half a shopaholic!

  28. Purba, that sounded too close to reality- was that your own experience,narrated through the eyes of Dia?I never pegged you down as one of those nutty shoppers...:)
    Waise, I've never been able to understand this craze..the last mad SALE I went to, was at Giordano's warehouse in Dxb- seemingly well-to-do ladies were tearing apart sweaters and shirts and jackets and what not, in a bid to get a bargain for themselves, with no-one really winning any bargains, finally.(Wonder if they made anyone pay for the torn ones?)...the men, before you ask, were not soo fight-worthy-they just gave dirty glares to each other if their selections clashed.

  29. loved it! gee hee..

    besides am too on splurging spree nowadays! me and mom go beserk at SALE venues, splly at our regular stores!

    feelings described are so true. Love handling those beautiful/colored shopping bags and the merchandise and the joy of getting right size at the max discount counter!
    though no-catty acts for me. Swear!

  30. Jeez AMit, this is fiction. Yes, I have an inexhaustible energy when I'm shopping - can try over a dozen pair of jeans to get the perfect fit. But I don't push, shove neither do I behave like a demented soul during sales!

    mepretentious...LOL, I believe you :)

  31. hehehe really enjoyed the post:)

  32. I have seen these souls shopping like mad. I once had a neighbour who would do all the things you have listed and come out looking like a victorious warrior.

    Saved over 3K? LOL Great read :)

  33. Phoenixritu..So glad..


    Zephyr...I enjoy shopping in peace. Don't think you are much of a shopper.

  34. Hehehe..i know people like that..
    mad they are!:D

  35. Lolz

    Very weill written indeed. Loved it :-D

  36. Heaven help me! The S word???


  37. Ana-treek....This story is inspired from people like that :P

    Talha...thank you

    CRD...There's no escaping it!

  38. touchy, and hilarious as well.some are born carefree. some make worry their companion for life,

  39. Loved this !
    Hmm now I can see the nice effect of Rashi Change ;).

    I had posted over my childhood check back..

    see you

    take care.
    ks :)

  40. pramod..The touchy part btw was unintended.

    Vivek...Like it turned me into a shopaholic? Will surely be checking your blog.

  41. Really inspired Purba for the high end discount-just want a spirited companion- can you hand me down the address please.Hillarious!

  42. Hahahaa,
    What inspired you to write this?
    It brought back memories of "Confessions of a shopaholic".

    Somehow, I believe, there's a Dia in every woman, atleast all the women I have known. :-D

  43. Arpana...My address or the store's :P

    Enchanta...I believe there is a species that loathes shopping! To each her own, we can all co-exist peacefully.

  44. Very Interesting indeed.. enjoyed reading it thoroughly, especially because it relates to my profession.

  45. Gosh! it looks like my story.No matter how hard I try,when its shopping time there is no stopping time.lovely

  46. The salesman..I liked your blog too, you have a flair for writing.

    surabhi...LOL...Somebody stop me!!!!!

  47. Nice blogs well done


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