Saturday, January 1, 2011

Gosh! Time Passes So Quickly!

Every New Year there are some typical things we do. We party, get sloshed and dance to anything that remotely sounds like music. We go charging to the dance floor, move our limbs around energetically, we thump, we bump and manage to collide into nearly everybody (hundred people on a 20x20 dance floor, of course it’s possible). But we are Delhites, we never say sorry! The moment the clock strikes 12, the music reaches a crescendo, we are delirious with joy and end up hugging even that shady looking guy in his cowboy hat. Phew we managed to survive another year!

Have you come up with your set of resolutions yet? Your guilt overload that’s a precursor to the list – you promise to do a little less of this and a lot more of that. At the end of the week, you realize you have bitten off more than you can chew and by the end of the month, you’ve been afflicted by a curious case of short term amnesia.

Let’s do a rewind. Let’s all look back and take stock of what just become past, scrounge for precious nuggets as keepsakes and store them away in our chest of memories. Who knows when you might need them to cheer you up! Of course, not all recollections are agreeable – a few might singe you, make your eyes well up in tears and a precious few that will put the smile back on your face on a dark, dank day.

If I were to think of just one word that defines 2010 for me, it will be re-discovery. This year I stretched myself physically and mentally and discovered a new me. The year gave birth to A-musing, my blog. So many subjects I thought I could never write on, yet I willed myself to. I learnt a new phrase “impossible is just an excuse”. Not that I’ve stopped making excuses, I have an entire collection for my long standing addiction to my blog. I am battling it constantly but I guess a part of me is not trying hard enough. My family and friends came to know me through my write-ups and I had so many of them ringing me up to say Hey! I didn’t know this about you! I earned my little laurels and my year ended with the best New Year’s gift I could ask for - my “Fall of the Feminine” was selected as one of the top 25 Tangy Tuesday posts of 2010 by Blogadda. I connected with the most wonderful, gifted people through my writing and through theirs. Thank you, everyone, for suffering me week after week – and I am glad I got to read your perspectives on life, love and passion.

I got back in touch with many of my school friends – links I had lost in the course of my job. For once I had time for me and made the most of it – I celebrated life the way it should be. I started taking dancing classes, Jazz and Contemporary. I pranced around in the hall with the instructor hollering step-ball-change in the background, doing pirouettes while trying hard not to fall. I got scolded, which had me looking sheepishly for cover. But the icing on the cake was me trying to pout. No, I wasn’t trying a Kareena Kapoor, it was part of a routine and I ended up looking hilarious. Now I have settled peacefully into Yoga, where we thankfully don’t have to pout but simply laugh maniacally at the end of the class.

I am looking at 2011 with a little trepidation. What if I don’t have anything more to say, what if my ideas dry up, will I let all of you down, will I just fade away? And, will I finally be able to stand on my head in yoga class?

Now that I have jabbered endlessly about me, I want you to tell me that one word that comes to your mind when you think of 2010. It would be lovely if you share with me that one memory that carries the essence of the year gone by. Let’s all weave a tapestry of memories, shall we? Here’s to a New Year and new beginnings.

My New Year’s Eve ended perfectly…I notice that the guy carving the Turkey for our table has forgotten to pour the Cranberry sauce on my portion. So I ask for another slice, this time with the sauce. He gives me a knowing smile and in a slow measured tone he says…The sauce…meaningful pause…has ALCOHOL. This after he has poured dollops of it on my daughter’s portion. Huhh!! Do I look the leading lady of a Satsang Gang!!!


  1. And that writing that you discovered this year is delighting us. Keep writing, ma'am :-) Happy New Year, may we get to see an ever-improving writer in you!

  2. Happy new year to you too..started with a bang as i can see, with a new new year resolution is not to look back, but move boldly no memories for me

  3. I have just noticed that your last paragraph always is a killer! Either it makes us laugh or think. Wonderful writing actually and of course a hilarious one as usual! Your daughter is lucky, she gets alcohol laced sauces even in your presence.

    Wish you a very happy new year!

  4. one of the best wrap up posts of the season! :)
    Happy New year Purba!

    One word that comes to my mind when I think of 2010 is : eventful! :)

  5. hey, i just landed up on your blog and i guess a good day to start. like what i read - will come back for more.
    cheers and happy new year 2011

  6. Enjoyed reading your post very much! :) It's a really valuable gift that you have to weave words in such a manner that everyone can identify with them, no matter how different they all are. :) Keep writing! Happy New Year. :) x

  7. Happy New Year!!!!!

    I had a friend text me " May your troubles be there as long as your resolutions are" haha.!

  8. To me 2010 was a self-realisation year. I came to know about myself and what i really love to do both personally and in my profession.

    The resolution would be to try and adjust to my husband's routine of watching cartoon every evening such as flintstones, jetsons, tom and jerry and Top cat :o))))

    Happy new year to you and your family.

  9. WIPRO and only WIPRO...:)

    2010 was completely dedicated to Wipro... got to experience corporate environment and leaving away from home itself teaches many things..

    Learnt that carefree attitude of guy would no longer work :)
    Wish you a very happy new year !

  10. By the time I chew and mull over your post, you come out with yet another brilliant one.

    Have a great year.

  11. I am 7/8 engineer now. And I gifted myself a job on my birthday. Thats for starters. This is my December.

    Happy New Year Purba.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  12. Happy New Year Maam...:)

    2010 gave me a new hope through my writings as I realised I could write something which could make sense to others...and soon writing became my was gr8 meeting u as well at the IndiBlogger Meet...and every year is a learning experience where one evolves as a person and so was d last year for me...:)

  13. here's wishing you a year of newer discoveries

  14. Wish you many more accolades and successes in the coming year!!

  15. Oh Purba I loved your last paragraph. Hahah! Well for it was - Goodbye chicago hello Mumbai. And all that goes with it.

  16. what an year it was, from the strengthening bonds to slipping associations, from the lost opportunities to the snuggled surprises, for me it was one heck of a ride.... :)

    Wish u a fantastic,fun filled n love dipped 2011.
    Cheers to life.

  17. You are a great blogger. Period.
    Wish you and your family a very Happy New Year.

  18. You asked for one word, to describe 2010, I'd have to say Re-discovery!

    I'd never imagined I could pull off a blog for so long.. :) The best thing thats happened to me.

  19. Happy New Year to you and looking forward to all the tangy, spicy posts from your pen, er fingertips.

    You wanted one word to describe the year past? well, I can say it was EVENTFUL.

    You from a satsang gang? I am still ROFL...forgive me :)

  20. And here's to wishing you many more award winning posts in the new year. Sorry, by the time I picked myself up from the floor, my finger had pushed the 'publish' button and I realised I had not congratulated you :)

  21. Tanay.... Am looking forward to that too, believe me :) And thank you.

    Menon..Rather not waste time dwelling in the past! Hmm

    Aditya...As long as it's in my presence it's ok.

    S...2010 was eventful politically, even though it was for all the wrong reasons. And thank you:)

  22. Mayank...Welcome and hope to see more of you.

    Carpe Diem...Yes, it's always a pleasant surprise that so many relate to what I write :)

    Ujjwal...Good riddance to both, love that logic!

    Bhawna...ROFL really??? He and my daughter should form a club!!

  23. Prasad..So the valuable lesson was focus! Wipro should be glad to have you around.

    Alka...And keep writing the way you do. You rock girl!

    Blasphemous Aesthete...A new job is always an exciting phase. Make the most of it.

    Ankita...Not all of us learn, a few of us are stubborn and refuse to budge :) But I'm glad you discovered your passion in blogging.

  24. The Knife... All the best for your adventure Down Under (pun unintended).

    Giribala..Thank you and you keep up your spunky writing.

    Curry Spice...Your year saw a lot of change..

    Mani...And a ride put so articulately :)

  25. Uma Shankar...Thank you and may you have a great year too.

    mazingout...It is naa, I'm just wondering what next??

    Zephyr..And am glad that I met you through my Blog :)) Thank you so much for your wishes.

  26. your writings gives me good company during the last one or two months , sometimes spicy, sometimes seriozz but always a small prick which is thought provoking.please do keep writing and you have a long way to go. by the way Satsang and Purba ...??i dont want to dream about it...ha ha

  27. Hi,Purba-wishing you a thrilling 2011..:)'Re-discovery'-indeed the right word to describe last year-same for me too..:)Am going to ensure each day of 2011 is also a rediscovery day..makes life all the more fun.

  28. Congrats on blogadda... As for me, my blog was a self discovery. When I first started it off I had the vain illusion that mine was goin to be a hit.
    But now I am @peace with myself

    I had put my resolutions in the beginning of 2010. I ll have to do a stock taking

    Wishing you a very blessed new year

  29. RK...I will drive the other women wild :P

    Amit...Life is meant to be a learning process for us..We are constantly unlearning and discovering new things.

    Jon...Thanks. And when I started my blog, I was sure nobody would read it :)

  30. Congrats on blogadda. But I think your post should have been in the top 15 atleast. I read most of the posts in that list, I think Bloggada got so 'emotional' with the list!!

    In my knowledge, No blogger has become so popular in the blogosphere in his/her first year like you.

    Wishing you all success in 2011. May your blog continue to be featured as one of the best in the country. May you finally be able to stand on your head in your yoga class.

    Happy New Year!

  31. Hearty Congrats on your blog post coming under top 25 on blogadda and wish you many more laurels for 2011.

  32. nice one :)
    2010 was musical :)
    happy new year :)

  33. Hiiiiiiiiiiii,
    Happy new year.

    Long time, sorry I was a bit busy with work.
    And Congos for being listed in top 25 2010 @ blogadda :)

  34. Happy new year, well deserved entry to 2011,
    congos on your post selection on the top 25 list. excellent.

  35. Joshi...Don't think it's in order of merit. The posts are listed according to the months.
    And I hope you continue to like what I write. Thank you, for you wishes :))

    SR...It was a pleasant surprise.

    blinded locations...Musical is an interesting description.

  36. BlogJunta..Happy New Year to you as well.

    pramod...Thank you for your wishes.

  37. Hey…Purba, you know what? I suddenly wanted to read this post at a slower pace than I did today morning. So, I’ve copied it to outlook’s in ‘compose mail’ form so that it looks like I’m doing something serious at work, while I’m really reading and writing this comment, and having a light grin on my face, which, to others seems like I’m enjoying writing an email to one of our project suppliers..:)(see,another re-discovery- a good use for outlook-can now read ur post daily, right after lunch)

    Memories- you have some nice ones, definitely-particularly the blogging one. Yes, when you love writing, there’s no better place than blogging- ask me, who used to write @ 35-40 LTTEs Great to see that you have a whole repertoire of posts,nee,topics, ready for our reading pleasure..:)

    One word that comes to mind when thinking of 2010-besides your selected word, mine would be’Abundant’….as life is meant to be, if you take it in the right manner.

    Lastly, ROFL @’leading lady of a satsang gang’-- ahh..can quite imagine you as that—twenty years down the line..hahaha.
    (posted from home-couldn't open comments box in,emailed to self,and now-copy/paste..hahaha)

  38. Well done! This pat on the back is for me not you :) It's for me to be able to discover a writer like you. It's for me to be inspired by you. I am constantly stealing ideas from you :) Thanks for being an inspiration mam.
    2010 in one word I will say as "confidence" A lot of things happened for me this year that gave a new identity to me. It also saw the beginning of my blogging adventure, I launched, won a blog competition and believed that a person like me can also write!!
    Thanks for sharing, happy new year :)

  39. Hey Purba,
    Happy New year :)

    that was a nice read

  40. Amit.. Am quite flattered that you took the trouble to read my post again. And what ingenuity, you should patent this idea :D

    Life is an's abundant, sometimes a chore, an experience..It's all in our heads isn't it?

    Anto... We all ended up with an ode to blogging, didn't we? A blog is a platform for our creative outpourings, angst and our peculiar idiosyncrasies:)
    And am glad your blog gave you much more than you asked for.

    Muddassir...Muchos thanks.

  41. Have a great year, ji!

    Incidentally, I was just thinking, we give ourselves a "year" to demarcate a period of time that is never a period - time flows. How can you have a start time and an end time? But we still do.

    So if I have to demarcate a period of time that I can come back and reflect about, my mental capacity permits around 2 weeks, after which I forget anything and everything that happened! Hehe!

    So, hope you have a great fortnight!

    (Oooh, and you asked for a word! Mine's "bhain" said in a loud Haryanvi accent!)

  42. Kartikay...You sound like Drew Barrymore in Fifty First Dates! Only she was much worse.

    Bhain???as in sistaah?


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