Honesty is now obsolete....it died a slow death

Malegaon’s Additional Collector, Yeshwant Sonawane was preparing to celebrate his 52nd birthday on January 28. His family had planned a celebratory dinner for him. A simple man, he was too shy to celebrate his own birthday. He preferred to stay out of limelight. Sonawane is now famous rather unwittingly and for reasons he may have never imagined. His gory death grabbed front page headlines and became breaking news. On January 25th he was burnt alive in broad daylight by the local oil mafia. His crime? He was guilty of conducting raids to uncover hoarding of kerosene and petrol. In other words, Sonawane was just doing his job. A Rs 10,000 crore fuel black market killed Yeshwant Sonawane.

The news made me seethe with rage. Have we now become a banana republic, moving towards utter anarchy! How can the accused murder a high ranking official with such impunity? The sad part is, you and I know what the bitter truth is. Shinde and his gang of goons know that they will get away with it. A man despite a history of pilferage and adulteration cases thrives because he has the support of the elected and the custodians of law. A nexus of corruption protects its kin and it’s eating into our nation’s integrity. It is tattered; it’s torn, ready collapse any minute.

Way back in 2005, S Manjunath was shot dead for cracking down on fuel adulteration in UP. In 2003, NHAI project director Satyendra Dubey was killed for daring to blow the lid off corruption in the NHAI. Is this is how you get rewarded, when you are the lone idealist? Believed what you read in books, what your elders taught you, that good always wins over the evil and truth always prevails! Baah this is all bunkum, get real. This is the new, improved shining India - compromise, adjust or else prepare to fail.

The government builds houses for the poor, the rich grab it. The house that you paid for has more sand than cement. The road contractor builds his empire by laying out roads that cave in at the mere mention of rains. The country is put to shame because a paunchy man treats the games as commonwealth and siphons off millions. The nation is enraged and expects the government to intervene. The government sacks him, three months after the games and strangely he continues to be the IOC chairman. Is this justice? Does our government think we are gullible fools - a sack here, a committee there, is enough to pacify the public! You sir are a mere spectator, just pay your taxes on time. You refuse to pay bribe and your case languishes for years in the musty cabinet of a babu with pan stained teeth. A faulty meter, your passport that you gave for renewal, a no objection certificate, your hard earned money that was kept aside for your old age, everything expects baksheesh now. It is you against the system, how long will you survive? Sirjee, chai pani is now our birthright!!

An IAS couple amasses over 260 crores of cash and stuffs it in their mattresses. The IAS lobby is firmly behind them, trying hard to scuttle the probe. The babus have collided to loot India. We read about it in papers, compose funny tweets and move on with our lives.

According to the latest issue of India today, 500 billion dollars, equivalent to nearly half of our GDP has been stolen and stashed away in foreign banks. As a former employee of a prominent Swiss bank hands over a list of over 2000 tax evaders to Wikeleaks, Delhi is peeing in its pants. Will we ever know the names? I doubt it! Committees will be set up, probes ordered and we will move on to the next scam. A pure and simple theft of national money is supported by soft governments who seem indifferent to this Great Indian Loot.

Pray, what is our ever vigilant Income Tax department doing about it? It trains its guns on the middle class, fixed income, law abiding citizens like you and me. It makes sure it keeps in touch by sending us a show cause notice even if there’s a tax differential of 298 Rs! The trillions can go to hell or rather the Caribbean Islands. And god forbid if you are the unlucky soul selected for their random scrutiny. You are fucked for life. But nowadays the IT department is busy doing their bit for gender equality. Why should men have all the fun, time we raided our cine goddesses as well. Open your doors Ms Chopra and Ms Kaif – we have come looking for your assets undisclosed! Arre we discovered more than just their assets, we saw Shahid Kapoor in his boxers! Haujee!

If all three wings of our parliamentary democracy – Legislative, Judiciary and Executive – are largely corrupt, where do you and I go for justice? An RTI act sees light of day after years of hard work by people committed to a cause, but within a year, the bureaucracy and the political establishment seek to weaken it by limiting its scope and taking exceptions. Or better still, by killing citizens who uncover truths that are too uncomfortable.

Nowadays I do not want my daughter to read the newspapers. I am scared – what if she starts thinking that honesty as a virtue is defunct and can get you killed. That it’s better to consort with the mighty and corrupt to live happily ever after. Lots of money can buy you friends, policemen and a politician’s patronage. Be corrupt and you will have friends aplenty and being upright will get you nowhere.

Or is it that honesty was never a virtue, it was just evading guilt. So did guilt die a slow, painful death?
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  1. Fuming.

    One of my best friend's brother works for a swiss financial firm. He had told us long ago that half the amount stored in foreign banks not only by Indians, could probably eradicate poverty. We guffawed, but honestly I wouldn't be surprised.

    In a country like ours with such a diverse range of people, society being so fragmented, in a country of more than a billion, I read somewhere that about a few hundered people contribute to more than 25 percent of this countries GDP.

    It's sad, because my generation of people, are so accustomed to all the wrong things. We have an idea of how much money to pay where and when to get work done faster. We've grown up seeing, hearing and learning ....to a point where we know , especially in Delhi, that money is power. To hell with your values, no one cares unless your wallet can talk for you.

    Not that we don't believe in honesty, but it's just that instead of standing in a line or having to keep come back over and over again, we might as well gift a bottle here etc, to get it over in a day. Time is money.

    It's largely our fault, because we're the ones giving in, but then you can go only so far...

    The biggest problem is, every strata of society alienates itself from the other, and fails to see society as a collective whole. I was writing about it a few days back.

    So until all people are pretty much on the same level, the ones on top will always exploit the rest.

    Classic example, how the IT people send you a letter, but don't expect you show up on your own..and prefer a 'representative' instead. If you do show up, they still try and convince you to go home 'relax' and send someone else instead.

    It's amusing. But in a very morbid way.

  2. have you seen people around you being honest, rarely... the bug has gone deep down into our system. Who would you blame for the misery of the un-unlucky man. haah ... unlucky .. simply 'coz he was true to his own faith... true to his teachings... what happened to Dr Sen, Wouldn't believe this.. Govt understood him of being traitor OMG.. a man dedicated to the poor is being termed as traitor. i dont blame govt. The top echelons of the Political class are finally the product of the gene pool of the masses.

  3. In the last 1 year, India lost close to a trillion dollars due to scandals. That's not corruption.. that's PLUNDER!!

    What do the intelligent do? NOTHING! Sonawane was WAITING to happen. He will happen again!

    In Tunisia, Egypt and all.. people get angry and come out on streets... pre-independence, so many Indians were ALIVE enough to know that they were being FUCKED.. and seethed with anger.

    The Indian citizenry of today is ASLEEP...

    When you put a frog in a boiling water it jumps out and is saved. But when you put a frog in the water and slowly heat the water up.. he dies without jumping out.

    Indians today are like the latter frog. Probably even worse. Even when plunder happens.. NOTHING happens to them.. NOTHING!

    And it shows in our priorities... I was waiting that at least ONE blogger with conscience will touch the subject of ABSOLUTE plunder.. but not one! Sonawane is just a side effect, Purba... he is not even significant in the grand scheme of things.. what you are not realizing is that You, me, and all of us are being RAPED.. and MURDERED daily! Every day.. relentlessly and without mercy. I feel that pain everyday.. of being raped. When all of us feel it, maybe something will happen. Until then we can peg our brief tryst with conscience on a spectacular event like a man being burnt and move on.

  4. Things are heating up. A spark. A spark is all we need. To start a fire. A fire that will burn. Burn to ground. Destroy the foundation. Then recreate. Recreate a new nation. An idea. We need an idea. An idea of a united nation. And people to believe in that idea. An idea to work for the society and not self.

  5. Sometimes I wonder what different books have they read. We read moral science which promoted virtues. Stories always showed that goodness prevails in the end, which books did they read.
    But this seed of corruption, is ingrained at a very young age. Even at the student level, I have seen corruption, and to what levels it has been is really amazing.
    Kalyug aa gaya hai, ghor kalyug.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  6. This sounds like total jungle-raj :-(

  7. I really don't know how people get away with such violence..Are humans??Even animals have better sense of morals and ethics..

  8. I really don't know how people get away with such violence..Are humans??Even animals have better sense of morals and ethics..

  9. All these events show death of honesty and humanity and we can do nothing about it as the corruption has gone beyond the control of common man...

  10. Sad but the truth, and it will be so, till each one of us does not do his bit. And that bit is just to stand up.

  11. Purba, Parliamentary democracy is intact in India, but the people around it are not letting the common man to reach it (bad lawyers and politicians). I would blame the common man for this.
    The aam admi should take initiative and know our know rights and duties. How many aam admi are aware of our basic constitution?
    Our country is still standing as a big democracy because of the fine foundation built by our constitutional fathers. It would be an insult to them if we blame our democracy.
    How many of us “common man” are true to oneself? You see back stabbing every where and in every society under every profession.
    By stopping your daughter reading the news paper will only make her ignorant of the outside situation. I would not recommend that.
    WE should face what ever happens.
    I heard in Mumbai the voting turnout by mumbaikars was 27% after the 26/11 attacks. This is absolute disgusting.

    If we common man put pressure on the politicians and such corrupt people with good knowledge about our rights and duties then i feel the situation will change, slowly but lets not forget our country is one of the highest populated with most people living in their own world and scared about the outside world.
    WE have people who have college degrees but how many of them are educated? There is a huge gap between them (degree holder and educated). Just having a degree will not make you educated. But we should be aware of our history and rights and duties. Our education system sucks.

    In an article by Ramachandra Guha, in Outlook which you can find at http://www.outlookindia.com/article.aspx?263878 he quotes Ambedkar’s golden words:

    Political democracy cannot last unless there lies at the base of it social democracy. On the social plane, we have in India a society based on the principle of graded inequality, which means elevation for some and degradation for others. On the economic plane, we have a society in which there are some who have immense wealth as against many who live in abject poverty. On January 26, 1950, by adopting a democratic constitution, India upheld the principle of “one man one vote and one vote one value”. However, our society continued to be deeply iniquitous, “deny(ing) the principle of one man one value”.” How long shall we continue to live this life of contradictions?” “How long shall we continue to deny equality in our social and economic life? If we continue to deny it for long, we will do so only by putting our political democracy in peril. We must remove this contradiction at the earliest possible moment or else those who suffer from inequality will blow up the structure of political democracy which this Assembly has so laboriously built up.”

    I have just wrote an post on my blog on the Republic day this year: http://bhavana-pen.blogspot.com/2011/01/indias-republic-day-my-thoughts.html

  12. I wish someone would publish this in a newspaper and this would reach the masses.

    I Agree. As a whole, people are not motivated enough. There is no one to lead. I can't think of one 'leader' in all of Indian politics. Not one.

  13. I was taken aback when I heard that local oil mafia burnt Yeshwant Sonawane alive. Digitalization of the world is also marked with the extinction of honesty from this world.

  14. There is just no end to this.. Be it a simple matter of a state cricket team selection or passport renewal or anything under the sun..

  15. Very well written Purba.

    The 50% GDP thingie is a very valid, but a stunningly shameful datapoint for all of us($1.36 Trillion is the current GDP, 2010's inflation un-adjusted) The events you put across gives offense to my moral sensibilities and honestly, I have a blog-full of thoughts to spit out here - ranging from A Raja to the latest Swiss bank Indian traitors. At the cost of sounding like a pessimist, honestly, I feel I would rather not say anything for it ends up being just another comment.

  16. All right, this is Mobocracy now, which is indeed a synonym of democracy. India had a false start thinking it was a nation full of reasonable men and women and hence committing the blunder of giving everyone a right to vote. Dark days began the day M. K. Gandhi propelled Nehru into the limelight through the backdoor, slighting Subhash Chandra Bose.

    I remember having read somewhere on the net that a true democracy would never have allowed slavery to be abolished in America. It was a decision of a few rational minds, forced down the throat of the masses. Now, I do not want to advocate that the poor are not fit enough to vote. But how many of them really understand the problems facing the nation? And how many of them do not vote for a mere 100 Rupee note or a pouch of hooch or a temporary whim? What explains election of atrocious characters like Laloo, Mulayam, Mayawati, Mamta....? What explains the rotten criminals that are defiling the very temple of governance? Isn't Utsav Sharma right, then, even if he is seeking temporary limelight?
    p.s. If I get killed after writing this comment, would you please dedicate a post to me, i.e., if you ever get to know!

  17. This way we will end up frm whr v started...time 4 we the people to rise n speak...time 4 a revolution...gud thought provoking post

  18. it is amusing to think , if it has always been that way or the politicians are inspired by ocean's 11 to take more risks in spite of all the vigil around ... :)

    either way, it's all media's fault ... for destroying our sleep ...

  19. Prateek...This kind of change is possible only when we start leading selfless lives! How many of us are able to do that?

    Blasphemous... And we are part and parcel of this Kalyug. Can't wash our hands off it.

    Giribala....It is, we chose to turn a blind eye to it.

  20. Blue Lotus...Greed has no conscience.

    Tanishka....We can start by saying no! enough is enough!

    As...Yes, we cannot absolve ourself from that responsibility.

  21. Bhawna...Yes, the change should begin from us. We need to be aware of rights and duties.

    mazingout...We are getting disillusioned with the system. All of us feel we are on our own.

    Prateek... A shockingly disgusting incident.

    stnomad....Greed has no limit.

  22. Ujjwal...I do agree with you when you say that, we have cocooned ourselves in our comfort zones. We refuse to look beyond and empathize with a perspective different from ours.

    But if our young generation is not idealistic, who else will be!!!

    Rajiv...I want to be be honest, even if it gets trying at times. I am answerable to my conscience.

    Desh...It does affect us, it has made us cynical, it has made us resilient, it has made us blind.

  23. umashankar....The poor need literacy, awareness so that their rights are not exploited. Denying them of their right to vote, dosn't solve the problem.

    And LOL I will dedicate an entire book to you - Public Enemy!

    Nishit...Time to shake us out of our complacency.

    Victor...The mighty and the rich rule, we can only fume.

    flawsophy....They know that law is only meant for the aam admi. Imagining our netas as Ocean's 11!! ROFL

  24. I think we killed death by not practicing it well enough. These leaders were one among us. Why do most families pay emphasis on a govt jobs?...coz they say perks are good...what perks? bribe....
    thats how it is...

  25. What is amusing is that some people are angry and infuriated because it's their INCOME TAX which is not utilised the right way. I wonder if we didn't have any stake in the process, we'd ever bother.

    I agree with Ujjwal- Time is money and if a bottle here and a few notes there could save time and effort, why not! And we are conditioned that way. Though we have been taught- Honesty is the best policy- we have seen the you-scratch-my-back-i'll-scratch-yours happening too.

    But then again I don't encourage the case that you have just talked about here. I am talking about the daily corruption that we come across.. which ofcourse is what leads to big shit like this one.

  26. Greed has reached levels where we can burn people alive and snatch the rights of a war widows..I refuse to believe that the oil mafia was blooming without the blessings of politicians..Yes, there is insurance in numbers so the IAS lobby stood up to protect the indefensible.
    Cynicism and helplessness has overcome the nation...

  27. The names of the account holders can't be revealed lest the most hallowed names of Indian politics come tumbling out. Horrors! Can't you just sip your tea and watch serials like a good girl instead of asking such uncomfortable questions of the government?

    And be careful. You might next be targeted for a raid.

    I have stopped watching news given by the corrupt and one-sided media, but still have hope in this generation -- yours -- to do something to turn the whole country around.

  28. Excellent post and the following comments.

    People do have conscience left, displayed in the momentary rage on twitter or various blog posts. Other than the guilty party(as in the person), nobody agrees with the current state of affairs. Though yes, most are concerned Only about their daily Bread and Butter unless They actually get affected directly.

    Revolution shall happen if more such posts are written and circulated. Pen is always mightier than the sword! The key is to retain balance of mind.

    Gandhiji was an excellent strategist who chose the middle path well. Not once he was labeled as violent and never taken for granted too. And the best part, we are against our own Dirty Laundry and not some external super-power.

    I have decided to cast 'No Vote' and spread the word too, until these Political parties start recycling the tainted with fresh and clean candidates. Within Constitution and non-violent this is my way of saying *I Protest*

  29. every one has said so so much.so I'll conclude it in one word, simply fabulous.

  30. Honesty never died. That is a mere impossibility. What has happened in our country of the politically corrupt is that honesty has been stoppered within those who dare to speak up against the high and might corrupt people who rule this country. No, they do not govern this country. They rule it. And the few people who ever had the courage to go forward are made effigies or martyrs of. On the whole, there is nothing that the middle class honest working population really can do but watch and wait for the moment when they can rise up against this translucent tyranny. But even then, we wouldn't be able to anything because there are just too many of us! This country needs radical change which is again, an impossibility.

  31. fuming and bubbling with anger ... when i saw the report i was dumbfounded... how can such barbaric activities still persist?? i am still in a shock that the matter is still nt resolved....
    Super duper like- for this post ... powerful , hard hitting and brilliantly written

  32. Shahid....And they are known as government servants. Ironic.

    S...These are people who are paid to do their jobs...yet they expect a bribe to even open your file! Let's not justify it by saying, so what at least it saves time!

    Alka....It's either cynicism or indifference!

  33. Zephyr...Even freedom of expression is under threat. Look what happened to Anish Trivedi when he wrote about the bad condition of government offices and attributed it to reservations.

    He was accused of making casteist remarks and sentenced to 6 months of imprisonment.

    mepretentious...Exactly none of these cads deserve our votes!

    Pramod...And look at the comments! All of them so thought provoking.

  34. [email protected] we a Egypt or a Tunisia waiting to happen?

    Rajalakshmi...Will the guilty be punished? Will the government come down heavily on the oil mafia? I do not want a committee, I do not want a probe, I just want swift justice.

  35. So true Purba..I remember when I read the news of this gruesome killing my emotions ranged from shock to dissapointment & like you I know..this is just another incident..I remember writing on FB that what development & India shining are we talking of when the citizens of a country are not guranteed basic security a right for every citizen..as usual a thoughtful post Purba. Something close to my heart amd so glad you wrote on it.

  36. the loot of india has its roots in our archaic tax system. years ago, when the tax rates where close to 100%, there was no option but to cheat.you had to cheat if you were in business.

    today you cannot disclose for fear of being harassed, which you will surely be, and the new source of money for swiss banks is not only harmless tax dodging, but the billions generated by illegal activities such as drugs, large scale corruption etc. I know swisss bankers based in singapore, dubai, geneva, london and new york, who are paid millions of dollars and are purely focused on the indian market.

    i think the only way we can bring this to an end is if tax laws are made transparent, and income is taxed on a global basis, so there is no incentive to look at swiss solutions for local problems.
    from what i read now sonawane, may not have been as pure as driving snow as you make him out to be..i believe he was out there alone, to collect his weekly hafta. i am not condoning the brutality of his murder, but i find it hard to believe that such a senior officer would have walked in alone into a den of thieves, to enforce law.I can easily believe that he was out there to collect his pay off and something snapped.

    i know that this reads like a defence of the loot of our country and the brutality of oil thieves..it is not meant to be.
    we need to examine our laws, our processes..swiss accounts exist because of capital seeking tax and investment arbitrage..oil thieves exist because of the pricing and subsidy policies of the government which encourages such activity.

    but i feel your pain purba, at the systematic loot of our country and the helplessness of its citizens.

  37. the latest is that sonawane had raised the bar for bribes. this of course does not absolve the perpetrators of the crime.

    and we sure must be on the way to being a banana republic - i read in the papers this morning that the onion prices are stabilising but the prices of bananas are soaring!!!!

  38. Maitreyee...We are all overcome with this helpless rage.

    Madhu..The taxing system is unfair, especially if you are in the higher slab. And there's no end to it..VAT, sales tax, property tax, entertainment tax! No wonder people crib and are looking for ways out. Agree when you say, we need reforms. But the government doesn't want to, because it suits them.

    magiceye...Even I had read reports about Sonawane not being as clean as he is made out to be. But I dismissed it as attempts to sully his image.

  39. That's the sad state of affairs in our country. Corruption in the bureaucracy is as normal as the rising of the sun every morning. Honesty gets you mercilessly killed, deceit and lies bring you success and bagfuls of cash.

  40. vicious....Indeed.

    Samadrita...We are living in strange times. Nothing makes sense.

  41. very knowledgable post and facts of indian people what i think the solution we can not find.as if any one is loyal to his duty he is murdered or burnt alive and those who grab the money in crores have smoothful life now the honesty becomes curse for common man. people are feared to do their duties and that is why all the gundas are growing ony unity with only one voice not different and revolution can changae the situationand i pray to god let that day come soon

  42. Honesty can be taught to only certain extent but beyond this it has to be nurtured within us with consciousness. As long as such a spirit exists in a person ( even if he is alone) it can not die.

  43. Santosh Bangar...If you have broken the law you are liable for punishment - your VIP status be damned! If our law enforcement agencies start thinking like this, our country will be a much safer place to live in.


    Ayyangar Sir... True, we are all answerable to our own conscience.

  44. This is a case that came in media.. otherwsie there are hundreds that go unnoticed..
    This is the way of our GOVT, which cant even protect its own people , who it pay to do the work .. for which he got killed.. such is the pathetic situation..

    In punjab a few years back the same happened, a Ex army officer working for Govt got beaten up by the so called Political party and his turban was taken off in broad daylight and then a case made on him and WE THE PEOPLE ARE SO STUPID .. THE PEOPLE OF that PLACe come the ELECTIONS voted for the SAME PERSON

    this is WE the Indians ...

    and Honesty is no tthere if we look at ourself we as individuals are not honest so how can we ask others to be ..

    and the breaking of law,, tell me when or WHICH minister has ever been punished ... and EVERY minishter has a SKELETON if no skeletonsssssssssss in his/her cupboard..

    how can we even dream of justice sad sad sitution


  45. Purba, I can only laugh at the sad irony of life, I'd say. As such, I prefer to steer clear of any politics-related comments..they depress me!!:)

  46. Bikramjit...People are to blame as well. We forget easily, move on easily...As long as it's not them involved, it's okay.

    Amit....It is, but we can't close our eyes to it and pretend that it doesn't exist.

  47. It was overwhelming to read your post,kind of pulled me out of my own apathy towards it all...

    Recently we had our brush with the Indian Police (the first for me) when a friend lost his credit card and lots of money. And I can't even narrate it here, it was worse than anything that I ever expected. I was angry, but restrained due to the rather explicit threat from the ones who are supposed to protect you.

    We are absolutely to be blamed for the kind of people we are, this happens because somewhere we let it...

  48. Atreya Thapliyal01 February, 2011 10:15


    Never say Honesty os obsolete and do teach it to your daughter also.
    Whenever i hear of people like Major Leishram Jyotin Singh. I feel Honesty exists. Whenever i see people condemning the killers of Mr Sonawane or Mr Manhunath or Mr Dubey,i feel honesty is alive. Because being truthful and brave are also virtues.
    Its about adding life to years and not years to life.

  49. Siddartha..We are soft targets, the so called privileged class. The drunk scooterist will bang into your car and will have the audacity to demand compensation. The mob will support him and the policeman will watch the tamasha from afar.

    Atreya... This is satire. I am just expressing my anguish over the state of affairs. That doesn't mean I am condoning dishonesty.

  50. We all are paying a heavy price for our indifference...knowingly or unknowingly!

  51. I am sick of seeing Kalmadi walking around free and addressing media without any shame. He would have definitely played a smart game to still stay in the game, you never know where the corrupt money trail ends. Who knows it may end up to 10 Janpath or even 7 RCR also. May be thats one reason bastards like him are roaming free.

    And don't even think of the Swiss bank accounts going public. Even if it does it will be a filtered list for sure.

    Thanks for the awesome post purba, will definitely write something in these lines soon.

  52. Raksha...We are a nation in coma.

    Anto...Looking forward to reading your version :)

  53. Took your advice and tagged you first of all. Hoping to see a tangy and dripping with sarcasm post soon!

  54. @purba, lot of angst there! And rightfully so. But I am not gonna get into intellectual masterbation coz I know I am an equal culprit to this reality. Did i not smile sheepishly and pay the policeman 50 bucks on jumping the signal or tip the lowly govt officer to push my file. When it comes to self, and smaller corruptions we tend to overlook - often indulge. Then why howl when its done a larger scale.

    I would encourage you to read on economic theory of corruption by government. Its prevelant in all those countries wherein the government either knows that they are not going to stay for long (make hay while the sun shines) or those where the rulers know that nothing can pull them down. Not sure where we are. And its not going to vanish into thin air much though we would like to.. atleast I wouldn't live to see that day for sure. I do however live in the hope of an RTI like act which could make judiciary & investigative agencies free of executive which are some means in right direction to my mind.

    ps: There are too many righteous souls out (t)here but I dont seem to bump into them much in real world.

  55. So heartfelt and so true, rich people can get away with anything , I guess not only the minds but even the souls are rusted .

  56. Arey, let your daughter read the newspaper. I didn't do well in my interview because I had stopped reading newspapers ages ago. :(

  57. The government is of the people, for the people and by the people. Not many people say or think about it, but by saying this, such types of governments reflects the majority of people's attitude in the country itself. If its not the same, then such governments don't last long.

    Forgets billions and 100 crores. Lets's go local.

    You can't buy a house in western suburban area of Mumbai if a particular amount is "off the records". Back in the 60s you can buy a 1 bedroom hall for 45k straight up officially, but now its all gone to the dogs.

  58. Zephyr...Your post has said it all and so lucidly.

    Mayank...We are all guilty, I took the right route, waited 4 years to get a faulty electricity meter repaired. At the end of it I had to cave in and pay a bribe!

    P.s most of the righteous souls are expressing their angst at the state of affairs :)

    Surabhi...We need to come out from that sate of complacence.


    The Sorcerer...In Gurgaon too, to get possession of your flat you are expected to pay a lump sum to the authorities. It is the norm!

  59. Leaving honesty is what is taught everywhere. You tell someone a hard reality and he will probably bounce back a hard punch on you. I was shown the doors during an examination when I stood for my principals. I have written a post on it also "tryst with honesty".

    Nice read,
    Weakest LINK

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