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It was just another cold November morning for Dallas Wiens or so he thought.  He was at the local church, his job site to repair a window.  Just as Wiens climbed up the ladder, he struck a high voltage power line.  His features literally melted off his face as he collapsed.  It took a split second to change Dallas Wiens’ life forever. He was just 23.

Dallas spent the next three in months in a medically induced coma, while doctors performed a series of surgeries on him - 22 to be precise. When he was finally discharged, he left with a face with just slight indentations for eyes and nose.   Doctors expected him to be paralyzed from the neck down and never walk, talk or eat regular food again. His family was told that he would probably not survive. 

When he got back home and saw his face in the mirror, Dallas couldn’t stop crying. 

But not once did he give up on life.  He had his 1 year old daughter, Scarlette to live for.  His strength of will and upbeat attitude amazed his doctors and family.   Gradually he regained his strength and by June 2010, Dallas was walking again.  But this was not enough for him.  He could not bear the thought of Scarlette growing up and facing questions about his deformed face.  He did not want his baby to deal with the anguish of “Why does your Daddy look different”.  

Wiens went public with his story and launched a foundation called About Face - its mission to raise money for his face transplant and to help other burn victims.  He wanted a facial transplant to be able to smile again. It was for the sake of his daughter that he finally signed for a gruelling operation to get his facial features back.  His medical expenses were borne entirely by the US military. 

In March 2011 Dallas became the first man in the US to get a full face transplant.  When he woke up from the surgery Wiens cried as he felt his new nose.  He could finally smell after two and a half years. “The hospital lasagna smelled really, really good" he said.   

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Six weeks later, he appeared on television to show the world his new face.  Dallas is elated that he can finally show his 3 year old daughter his new face and feel her kisses again.  The tot exclaimed “Daddy you are so handsome”!  Sadly Doctors have not been able to restore his sight. 

Wiens will now be heading home to be the best father and continue his education.  He has no memory of that horrific accident and has never shown bitterness against the ghastly turn of events. Rather he sees his brush with a high-voltage wire as a blessing he wouldn’t trade.  

Imagine your face reduced to a molten mass of skin and instead of wallowing in “why me” misery, you chose to fight back.  And to think Dallas was once a guy who couldn’t care less about the world.  From an Army stint that ended prematurely, to a knee injury that dashed hopes of Ranger school, to a failed marriage, life was never a cakewalk for Wiens.  But look what a jolt on a cold November morning did to him.  It opened his eyes to a world hitherto unknown and compelled him to hear his inner voice.  Too many good things have happened from it.  My family is closer now and I am a way better person.  I am even a better father. This new face is who I am. The old face wasn’t.

This is a story of survivor - a moving tale of an indomitable spirit that refused to be intimidated by a tsunami of adversities.   Dallas Wiens I salute your never die spirit – you are a hero for us all. 

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  1. Today, you posted something that wasn't written by you (which was the original delight of following your blog). But it's the same difference. Thanks! There is surely a huge lesson in there - especially for those of us who take everything for granted.


  2. Dear Anonymous I have referred to certain links to write this story Of Dallas Weins. Kindly take the trouble of going through the links below before coming up with such accusations.

  3. Interesting insight!Science always saves!

  4. Truly inspiring! I salute his spirit and the doctors who gave him a new life!

  5. It is always nice to share stories which could mean hope and inspiration.. Thanks for putting up the story- going to the link to read more.

  6. Indeed a true hero.. and brave are these people who go through so much and still stand tall and strong...

    makes me think about people who do nothing and still gain all the heroism...

    Hats off to Dallas ..
    thank you for putting up the story ..


  7. Human will can do wonders!

  8. Very inspiring story! Thanks for sharing Dallas' story. Most of us give up so easily and never fight for what we deserve. Good work:)

  9. Indeed an inspiring act. And worlds first full face transplant surgery.

  10. beautiful!
    after all, for god to dispose, man HAS to propose!therin lies the strength.
    well written :)

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  12. wow! shocking n inspiring! i wonder if i wud have the strength to fight after having so many things gone wrong with my life! truly puts all our teeny-weeny everyday troubles into perspective, dusn it?

  13. Amazing how humans survive what life throws at us, I am glad he found a way to still lead a close to normal life. I have never heard of 'face transplant' before... I wonder why isn't this tried for our numerous acid attack victims?

  14. Woah! Here's someone who's inspiring and deserves some limelight. Thanks for sharing this Purba..

  15. gives hope to the hopeless...such stories! miracles do happen, and some people do live those miracles :)

  16. Indeed an inspiring story. The human spirit can conquer any obstacle. One needs to have confidence and the will to fight. And Dallas found the will and strength for his daughter.

    By the way if Anonymous is who I think he is, he has a lot of strength too. To keep trying to sling mud, even though he is all alone.

    P.S. Why did you change the comment section. The Name/URL option was better. :(

  17. Inspiring indeed! Logon ka gham dekha to main apna gham bhool gaya!

  18. When I first read the title of his story in the news, I thought it to be just another feat achieved by the medical community at the expense of some rich person who didn't quite like his face.

    But then, when I went through the whole story, it was really a winners story. He fought, and he won. The most sweetest remark was of his daughter to whom he had to call out thrice before she finally recognized him. What else could one ask for.

    Really inspiring story.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  19. Thank u purba... a very inspiring one. There is a boy in our near by recharge outlet...with a kinda distorted face. He wears a cooling glass over it.. More than him it is the onlooker who can't bear it

  20. inspiring....and we can make the struggle of these challenges ppl so much easier by supporting instead of laughing and making fun of them....

  21. Very inspiring story indeed. Well versed as you always do. I did find a mistake at - "It opened his eyes to a world hitherto unknown and compelled him to hear is inner voice". Should be "his", I guess. Overall much appreciated post.

  22. KN...But in our country it is the privilege of the rich.

    Chandana...His struggle is very touching and inspiring.

    Pallavi...Please do :)


  23. Bikram...The real heroes are people who we see around us - like the rickshaw puller who migrated to the city to feed his starving family, for him each day is a struggle to survive.

    aativas...Yes, the will to survive can conquer all odds.

    cloudnine... We never know what we are capable of, until we face adversity.

  24. Prateek...It gives hope to so many with similar stories.

    4 those who care...glad you liked

    Indumathy...Exactly, makes you feel so petty when you crib about mundane stuff like missing maids and dripping AC's.

    IHM....How many can afford it? Remember the DTC driver who lost his eyesight trying to save passengers from a bomb blast? He is still awaiting financial aid from the government.

  25. Thanks Pzes

    Sreyoshi...More than miracle it is a story of perseverance.

    Prats...I changed the settings to prevent individuals from attempting fiction under the garb of anonymity.

    Giribala...Grief is so relative.

  26. Anshul...It's love that keeps us alive :)

    Jon...Imagine having to face this "look of repulsion" everyday of your life? Why don't you put up his story and start a campaign?

    SUB..Only a monster will laugh at someone else's misery.

    Sarbajit...Thanks a ton for pointing it out...corrected :))

  27. I know! Read this a couple days ago and I found this shocking and truly inspiring at the same time. Salute his will-power to live!

  28. It moved me and his story is truly inspiring. It must have been like getting a second life. Kudos to the medic team and his spirit :)

  29. I salute the belief of that man and the people around him. He truly proves that nothing is impossible in this world. If you THINK you can do it, YOU CAN do it :-)

  30. Ambika....Even looking at his photo makes us wince. Imagine spending the prime of your youth living like a vegetable.

    Shas... Kudos to the medic team and US military for funding his medical expenses.

    Mayur...Impossible is just an excuse we make.

  31. Life is precious! And more precious is the will to live it in a dignified way no matter what!

    Thanks for sharing this..:)

    Take care:)


  32. Touching and inspiring story you have shared there.

  33. Touching!
    Anything that you Love or that Loves you, make you scale your Everest!
    May all get their Love of Lives which constantly Inspire them to counter all life's struggles.
    Thanks for posting!

  34. This was one of the few human interest stories featured by the electronic media. I remember seeing his before and after faces. Readers Digest had/s a section about such courageous heroes. They provide the inspiration to those in similar predicaments.

  35. Amar...Well said.

    Sushma...Thank you

    mepretentious...That someone makes all the struggles worthwhile.

    Zephyr...I found Dallas' fight for survival for the sake of his daughter very touching and inspiring.

  36. Very Inspiring.We should learn to count our blessings...Nice on Purba..

  37. i wonder if the Indian army would sponsor such an operation. but don't you think the title is an exaggeration?

  38. Blue Lotus...Yes, we take too many things for granted.

    Sudarshan...Why? Instead of wallowing in misery he chose to fight back. How many of us can do that?

  39. We have so much to learn from this story. Things like these make us realise how fortunate we are and make us remember to count our blessing before complaining about all the things we don't have, most of them being greed and not need.


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