Let’s strip for a cause


They call themselves Putin’s Army.  Teenage girls, teetering on high heels, their pink t-shirts emblazoned with the image of their hero – Vladimir Putin.  They are passionately appealing to young, smart and beautiful Russian girls to tear their shirts off to show their support for their beloved leader.  I’ve lost my mind for a person who has changed the life of our country.... I happen to agree with the lost my mind partThe girl who does the best job of ripping off her top, gets to walk off with a free iPad.  So if not for Putin then there’s always the iPad for sweet consolation!  And if a boy in China can sell off his kidney for an iPad 2, what’s a measly shirt?   

Since there is no shortage of gorgeous women in Russia with most of them blond, another group called “I really like Putin” held a carwash only for Russian made vehicles. Hugh Hefner should take some tips from Russian chicks! 

After reading about the passion with which Russian women are expressing their love for their leader, extolling fellow citizens to support their PM as President, I couldn’t help but feel ashamed of myself.  Even as I write this post my head is hung in shame.  Look at me, constantly taking pot-shots at our great leaders.  Statesmen who toil night and day to make life liveable for us?  They fight corruption, tackle terrorism, tell us when to start drinking, how to dance decently and spout a lot of nonsense thus making us laugh. Our honourable Minister of Health even went to the extent of giving us helpful tips to prevent procreation.  Watch late night TV and say goodbye to babies.  And what do we do – call them buffoons, lame ducks and compose jokes in their honour.  Shame on us!
Did you not see the pain in Manmohan’s eyes as he called the media the accuser, the prosecutor and the judge?  It was painful listening to him.  The tears that flowed down his beard as he promised to bring the perpetrators of the Mumbai terror attacks to book?   Year after year he gives the same speech with the same passion and sincerity. 

155 pushups and 18 egg whites should do the trick.

I am now filled with a sense of remorse and have decided that’s it time we gave back.  Yes, it’s time to give back our shirts to our beloved PM.  Since I’d hate to rip my shirt off for our nice man Manmohan, I beseech you all to take them off to show our support for our Premier.  Remember the buy 2 get 6 free scheme at Koutons where you ended up walking off with shirts in horrendous colours and cuts, the size 42 red silk shirt that your Uncle lovingly got from Dubai.  Now is the time to get rid of them.  You no longer have to pester your maids, carwash guy to take them. You can now donate them for a worthy cause – to show your love and support for MMS.  Sonia jee you are not alone anymore, the shirtless junta is now behind you in full force. 

But MMS needs to tweak his image a bit.  He could start with a snazzy new name like Muffin.  Like Putin he can go fishing bare-chested and have all the national dailies splash his photograph in the front pages.  But wait!  Before he proceeds to go topless, he will need to build an enviable body and get his chest waxed!  Sir how about tweeting to Sallu Bhai and asking for tips? Or perhaps he can build upon his macho image and go hunting for the lone tiger at Sariska?  We can ask the forest officials to drug the poor animal so that our valiant PM can pose with his foot perched on its lifeless tail!  What a smashing picture he will cut and soon all young and old, fat and thin, slim and dark femmes will be swooning over him.  

Yes sir, we’re ready to lose our mind over a person who has changed the life of our country.  He is an obedient politician and a fabulous man – please will you now take that shirt off?

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  1. Ha ha Purbs... i just wrote a guest post on the same topic for Prateek...but it was not this fun...

    Where did you get Man -oops-mohans pic?Awesome!

  2. Ha ha cheesy with spice toppings!!! This is what I call "on your face" MMS!!

  3. Oh damn! I missed being the first one to comment on this post. :P
    About the post....maybe we could ask Poonam Pandey to motivate MMS to tone up. If you think about it, it was her offer to strip that motivated the Indian Team enough to lift the World Cup.
    And brilliant suggestions for helping him tweak his image...quit hilarious...wait....WT!!!...KILL A TIGER???....GRRRRRR!!!....Mrs Ray, the leopard hunts and you are the prey

  4. Now wait wait wait...The media and male fraternity all going gaga over Hina Rabbani and already have taken their shirts off...MMS the poor PM again kept waiting ...and wait this time it was not our Soniaji but the media ji ...Purba ..should have written a week earlier ..not fair to MMS..!!!

  5. hahaha, if there is one person in everyhouse hold with sense of humour as yours, then our country would not be termed as " most depressed".
    We fail to laugh at the world and mainly at ourselves..

  6. The Man-mohan singham photo is lyk ROFLAMO. nice post


  7. Erm, still, NO.

    I won't, but I won't be surprised if people out there sitting on hot seats and red seats make the prices so high that I am forced to.
    At least the Russian blondes are ripping off the tees in the name of a 'Man'. I won't be surprised if someone here sits on a dharna without shirts demanding that the government undoes global warming in one months time.
    I won't. I'd rather give it away, for free.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  8. DONE ready to do it anytime and why jsut him .. for others too I can give a long list of clothings that can be used for the toher ministers ..

    Loved the pic .. SINGH IS THE KING THERE .. it shows ..


  9. Enjoyed to the hilt!!
    Just one request,think of naming MMS anything other than Muffin .Muffin is my son,very opinionated and assertive one at that:D

  10. Alka...All I had to do was goggle Manmohan Singham :P Has your post been published?

    Cindrella...Naa..he is your mobile on silent mode.


  11. Prats..Not kill..but sedate it!! Grrrr

    Rajesh...Damn I missed the bus. Ms Heena is Pakistan's WMD :)

    Bhawna...Laughter is the best stress buster. The sooner people realize it, the better.

  12. Center Shocker ...Unfortunately I cannot take credit for that pic.

    Anshul...Shirtless junta with sweaty armpits is more effective than a fasting Anna Hazare :p

    Bikraam..Now don't get too emotional. Your shirt is good enough for Dr Muffin.

    Sharmila.....Awww...sorry about that. But Muffin rhymes so beautifully with Putin :D

  13. Just fell off my chair laughing, its bloody brilliant.

    Mr Putin also know Judo so probably Muffin would need to know Karate? Maybe we can send a mail to Mr Miyagi to teach Muffin Karate.......

  14. Putin has surprisingly turned out to be a chic and blog post magnet. :P
    Alka Ma'am wrote on Putin for me. I'll publish it day after tomorrow.

    Have you seen the youtube video of Manmohan Singham? Manmohan can act alright! :P

  15. Let something at par with Russian blonds soon happen in India :PPP

    A friend of mine just messaged me a video of Manmohan Gandhi and Sonia Singh in Singham avatar. Oops, was that Manmohan Singh ?? looks not :D

    Weakest LINK

  16. Good one Purba ! Can't stop laughing!!! You have this amazing quality of finding humour in everything--I just love it!!!

    Awesome post, and tooo gooood pic of MMS

  17. People, this is totally depressing! Why are we running out of ideas?

    All MMS needs to do is hire Mallika Sherawat and her publicist. You will then see poeple removing more than just shirts. (I can see how narrow minded this country is becoming - sticking to just shirts. GRIEF!)

    For more ideas you need to read my blogpost on Baba Ramdev Vs Anna Hazare.

  18. this was the most hilarious of off!! **loved**

  19. All that I wanted to say, has been said...

    I think God gave you one extra brain cell full of funny :D

  20. I think all your bones are funny
    i cudnt stop laughing!
    Wat a flow!

  21. Vikram...Judo, a sexy young gymnast as a girl friend. Muffin has a lot of catching up to do.

    Prateek...Of course I did and it was a riot :P Waiting to read Alka's version.

    Rachit...And that was one hell of a video :P

  22. Akanksha...Aww sweetheart, so glad I made you laugh.

    Arch...Hehehe...Let's unleash Ms Sherawat as our desi WMD...Can you please give me your link?

    A grain of sand...:D :D

  23. Priyanka...As long as you are laughing for all the right reasons :P

    Red Handed...Funny but an essential worrier :)

  24. Haha that pic is from the Manmohan Singham video is it not? God that was hilarious!
    And are Russian girls insane or what? when I saw the pictures at the top I thought this post was about slutwalk. Tch tch!

  25. LOL!!! Fun to read, the Manmohan Singham MMS has been doing the rounds a long time now;)As for the Russian Putinochicks..wait till the next polls;)

  26. Wow-that was such a slap!
    but reallyyyyyyyyyy-will stripping help ANY cause at all?
    First the slut walk and now these Russians and now these Manmohanis...er...Manmohan's:-)

    The political saga in our country seems to be making better comedy shows than the wretched ones on so-called soap channels!

    Here's wishing all the best to all strippers-matlab those who are stripping:-)

  27. hahha MMS as Muffin with skimpily clad girls over & around him?!! poor thing....this might be a 'nightmare' for him :))
    nice post
    leaving with a big smile on my face :)

  28. changed your blog design ehh!..

    well the only thought that comes to my mind is.. what am i doing in INdia. Should have been in Russia - what with all good looking babes stripping for ... how does it matter. ;-)

    seriously.. putin!

  29. Samadrita...It's a bizzare, sexist publicity campaign.

    Cloud Nine...I loved that video too..it was a riot :)

    suruchi - So are you joining in? And I simply loved the term you coined "Manmohinis" :D

  30. Sujatha...LOl...so true...Muffin in his sweat soaked pagdi :D

    Mayank...I knowwww...aaj kaal kee ladkiyan...As if Berlusconi was not bad enough.

  31. a man stripping for another man is not a good idea, isn't it gay? But I'm ready to strip for the new Pakistani foreign minister!!

  32. Ooooo Manmohan Singham! :)

    If only we had a PM who'd move like that!

  33. Ha ha ha.... You are right...we owe him one.....Lets do it.... btw. should it be a low key affair or should be take to the roads with banners and placards ;) ;)

  34. Joshi....I do not discriminate, what women can do, men can do better. And many have lost their heart to Ms Rabbani and her Birkin bag :)

    Pzes....Muscle-sushul and six packs :P

    thebrokennib... Its time we gave the slutty walkers a complex.

  35. I don't know from where u read all these weird news, but u'll truly make it entertaining enough :P

  36. Nice write up but we don't have to strip like those Russian blonde because all those Prime Minister's men like Raja, Kalmadi, Maran & Co have already stripped us before the world!

  37. Our slogans can be "strip off the shirt of our beloved leader" and "do the washing of our beloved leader"

  38. Ana-treek....Babes it's all over the papers:)

    Ayyangar Sir....Very well said. Our leaders have stripped us off our dignity.

    Sunil Deepak...LOL they could do with a good dhulai from the electorate.

  39. Damn...this was funny. Hilarious to the core and loved the potshots at P.M.ji :P...keep them coming..

  40. U know Purba I am going to stop reading your blog at work. I’ve had enough of people turning around to look at the crazy woman who suddenly starts laughing for no reason ….
    Hilarious and very tongue in cheek – as usual ..

  41. very very ingenious-love the sexy singh photo!

  42. Lazy Pineaaple....PM jee is getting ready for retirement.

    Ruchira...Heheh...guilty as charged. And glad to have you back.

    confusedyuppie ...Devgan is not amused though :P

  43. Muffin, MMS....Enjoyed evry bit, Purba! U r a genius!

  44. ROFL!!! That was some really funny stuff Purba. And thank you for spreading the word of this "noble" cause, hopefully the Indian women take notice ;) We have had enough hunger strikes with Annas and Babas; time to take it to the next level :D


  45. That was howlarious! I love Muffin for MMS!

  46. Deepa...*blush blush*

    Ashish...Time we made our nation happy :p

    Richa...Cute no? suits him to a t.

  47. Haha,loved going through your post, purba ji! Very nice :)

  48. :D we should rather strip for this fun post :D

  49. Enough is enough. When this vodka drinking Russians can display such love, Doodh drinking we Indians should not be embarrassed at the world stage. Charity begins at home. The responsibility to lead by example lies heavily with "We" the "special citizens" i.e, we the BRa-one ooops I meant Bloggers Randam but One. Let us all parade to Tihar. Let the male bloggers remove their shirt and profess their unchallenged love towards Kanimozhi and all the female bloggers , well strip whatever you like before the Great leaders of our nation - Kalmadi and Raja. Let's just do it. Let our netas know we love them, adore them and strip by them.

  50. Kanu...Glad :)

    Abhi...Thanks a ton.

    Kishan And the weather is perfect for it.

  51. Enjoyed reading. When I saw the title I thought it would be something about slut walk. But this was cool. FOr the initial few lines, i almost thought you were being serious.

  52. Chintan...And I quite like the idea :P

    Lakshmi...Are you trying to discourage me? The mere mention of Raja and Kalmadi makes me want to cover up like an Eskimo. Nahiiiin...


    The Fool...You are most welcome to take me seriously :)

  53. I wanna take my shirt off fr Yeduriyappa, the Karnataka CM who shamelessly stuck on to his seat.. n finally was asked to leave :)

    As always, brilliant read, Purba-ji!! :)

  54. Hey, This was great, funny and amusing :). You write very well, and your selection of the pics on top was good too!
    If not stripping for a cause, at least we've got a slutwalk happening here (sic)!

  55. Raj...Yeddy is steady but not ready to go! Wish all this conviction was for better governance.

    Amit...A virtual walk on the information highway. All you have to do is sit back and imagine :p

  56. Purba,

    It was so funny to read about Putin in papers but you make that much more than that with your sharp wit laced with good sarcasm. Keep it up.

    Take care


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