The Luckiest Woman Alive


You are such a lucky girl.  The last few months this expression had been following Lavanya like a pesky fly. That she found it annoying will be putting it mildly. Lavanya wished she had a giant roll of duct tape to seal off those mouths that were busy telling her how she should be feeling.  Fine, no one had bothered to consult her before making the biggest decision of her life but at least she had the right to be left alone to wallow in misery!  Imagine being woken up one fine morning only to be told that your life is about to change forever!  Not even being given a minute’s notice to bid adieu to dreams that you have nurtured for so long. 

 Lavanya felt cheated out of a life she could have had. 

Her face slathered with fruit pulp, body glistening with turmeric-mustard oil paste, Lavanya was getting beautified for the most eligible bachelor in town.  She felt like a marinated fowl ready to be thrown in smoking oil.   

Having just given her civil services examinations, she was waiting eagerly for the results.  A student with a brilliant academic record, Lavanya was confident of cracking the exam.  Ever since she was a child, she had wanted to be an IFS officer and travel all around the world.  “Maa! I don’t want to get married now and that too to a complete stranger.  Couldn’t we have waited a few more years?  “
“It’s not every day that a middle class girl gets a marriage proposal from one of the richest families in Delhi.  Do you realize how lucky you are! “  

Her parents had just clipped her wings and she was expected to erupt with joy. 

That evening the women of the house tired her out with the constant fussing – should she wear a Bandhej or chiffon in a wine shade? Will she look better with her wavy hair left open or should it be tied in a bun to show off her cheekbones.  Lavanya couldn’t care less!  When she finally came face to face with the man she was expected to spend the rest of her life with, she felt no emotion. When he looked her up, his eyes lingering a little longer on the curve of her breasts, she felt a shiver of revulsion run down her spine. 

Yes, Lavanya was the luckiest girl alive.  Harsh Vardhan, the multimillionaire, debonair scion of the Vardhman empire had chosen her over thousands of women ready to swoon at the mere mention of his name, women whose sole ambition was to be his soul-mate.  How ironic that he had handpicked a girl who had no interest in his stature or wealth.  

The next few months passed in a daze.   Lavanya’s spectacular performance in the civil services exams went uncelebrated but her parents made sure that the news was passed on to the groom’s family.  After all, her achievements were for them to flaunt as another feather in their cap.  Harsh’s fiancée was not only beautiful but intelligent as well.  When the interview letter finally did arrive, Lavanya was already married to Harsh Vardhan, living in their 16 bedroom mansion, with ten servants and four dogs and a life partner who was never home.  She soon found out why, her husband was a compulsive womanizer. 

Lavanya often wondered why he had married her in the first place.  It was not as if he was missing a feminine presence in his life.  And given his insatiable appetite, he could never be happy with just one.  Perhaps he wanted a woman in his house - just like his fleet of cars in the garage, the expensive sculptures in the living area, his hundred crisp white shirts behind his glass-doored wardrobe.  One of his many underlings constantly at his beck and call, only this one was bound by a contract called marriage!  A trophy wife who could play the gracious hostess to his business associates, charm them with her wit, impress them with her awareness about world affairs.  

Two months into the marriage, when Lavanya suggested that she should join him in his office, she got an icy glare from her husband.  Later in the evening her parents reprimanded her bitterly for behaving so unreasonably.  She was expected to reconcile to the bitter fact that she was but an extension to her spouse and had no right to seek an identity of her own. 

But Harsh made sure his wife looked like a million dollars – a personal trainer who kept her in fab shape, a stylist who made sure she flaunted the best designers.  After all Lavanya was Harsh Vardhan’s investment and he expected good returns.  

Mr and Mrs Vardhan were the toast of Page 3 – the dashing millionaire with his stunning wife.  Lavanya’s parents loved showing off pictures splashed in newspapers to their envious neighbours.  What they didn’t care to know, how unhappy their daughter was – that their daughter’s marriage to Harsh Vardhan was merely a business deal.  

And when he did demand his conjugal rights, he was an insatiable beast. 

Lavanya made this shocking discovery on her nuptial night itself.  That beneath that suave veneer was a monster who derived pleasure by inflicting pain.  And when she did try to fight back, Harsh would turn even more violent.  

Strangely it was she who felt ashamed – embarrassed of being the silent victim, petrified that someone might notice the angry scars.  The last thing she wanted was pity.  So she never let anyone get close to her – she met them at parties, attended their fund raising events, oohed and ahhed at their latest Souza but never let them invade her personal space.   People called her aloof, arrogant and she never tried to change their opinion.  

Lavanya often contemplated suicide but life had other plans for her......

To be continued.......


  1. Antius Purbus you are becoming quite a story teller.
    Waiting for the rest of the parts, before I write a proper comment. And I said a "proper comment", because i doubt you will let me live if I post another smile in the comment section. :P

  2. Generally i hate reading long posts.But you write so well that i always end up reading your posts!

  3. Painful but true for many girls even today .. except for the wealth in this story. Was it an abrupt end or you are writing next part?

  4. Fiction, or a nugget of reality in the story?

    This is something I just can't understand sometimes. Why a woman allows herself to be given away even when she has the resources and wherewithal to do otherwise. I can understand a girl with no knowledge of the outside world doing this or one who requires financial support. But not one who can take her life in her own hands.

    Pleasing parents is one thing, but at what bloody cost? At least get a divorce no? Even that so many women will not do.

    I don't approve of blaming the victim. But what to do when the victim knows where the door out is, has the key and refuses to use it?

  5. Good start - BTW was this by design Harsh Vardhan and Vardhman empire?

  6. Interesting start, and well-narrated.
    Will wait to see how this unfolds.

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  8. Very Interesting! :)

    I can't wait to read what she does.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Interesting! A different genre from Purba. Looking fwd to a twist in the tale! My only problem with lavanya is.. like someone commented above.. why did such an educated, smart person give in to her parents unreasonable demands?! She could have convinced them instead. Nevertheless I will wait to know what happens to her next.

  11. My god-Your fiction is as charged up and pulsatingly sensational as your other posts-sounds like a very interesting story in the making Purba...Waitinggggg for more!:-)

  12. Snow -> That smile seemed nervous - umm ..ahhh...uhhh..

    gray converse hi tops....A story needs space to simmer.

    Bhagwad Jal Park -Err...completely a figment of my imagination.

    Agree- it's tough to relate to women who willingly put themselves through torture and are too scared to face the world on their own. And they will always look for excuses to justify it.

  13. Gyanban....Yep..entirely. And the Harsh Vardhan I know is the most sincere boy I've ever come across :)

    Vijitha Valsalan..Still treading the unknown world of fiction and the second part is nearly ready :)

    Pzes...I can't wait either :D

  14. hitesh ...Hope the concluding part lives up to the promise.

    Ambika...The same reason why she puts up with all that abuse.

    Suruchi...The girl's enthusiasm is infectious :)

  15. I agree completely with Bhagwad Jal Park's comment and your reply for this part. Will wait for the next part before making a full comment. You are quite a story-teller Purba :)

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  17. So fiction has caught your fancy...Loved the line
    "She felt like a marinated fowl ready to be thrown in smoking oil."

    Armed with remarkable story telling skills, I can see Purba at her book launch.

  18. I hate to-be-continued. It's nice in a K-serial because you didn't want to watch it anyway, but not here and not now!

    I *demand* the sequel!

  19. Zephyr... It's scary to be a fledgling story teller - it's like starting all over again.

    Alka...Writing a book is so TOUGH! Believe me, I know.

    Kartikay...Uff...aaj kal ke bachhey!

  20. Purba, It is good to enjoy your immense writing skills in such a diverse arena, rib ticklers to serious stories and fiction!

  21. Hnnn....nothing new to the plot as of yet, expecting some twists in the tail in the later parts. But yet again, story-telling is simply great. Especially liked "marinated fowl ready to be thrown in smoking oil". Kudos !!

  22. Hmm, no matter how I hate this kind of story such as women oppression and their stupidity of getting oppressed, I liked the way you have put it.
    I hope there is something new to this educated yet stupid and giving up woman!
    I am sorry, I cannot tolerate such woman who are educated yet let others oppress her. But I know this is just a story, so I am hopeful :-p

  23. Ok Awaiting.. the next part of the story. Please let there be good sex in it.. Post on my wall when u put it up..

  24. Rahul...Serious...dark...I so want to write a funny story but can't.

    Bhavana...My lips are sealed :P

    Curry Spice....Hahaha...I have to start an ano blog first!

  25. Lovely. As long as it is fiction. Just today I was reading how to help abuse victims. Hence Lavanya's reasons for feeling ashamed gave me a sense of deja vu. I join the rest in IMpatiently awaiting part 2.

  26. Purba, I'm sure you are aware that as compared to many others, Lavanya (Love the name)is lucky to be married to a millionaire. It is very common in India, to be married of for much lesser. Just a notch higher and a girl's parents are more than willing to fry their daughter's aspirations in the wedding havan.
    And it is very common for us Indian housewives to blame ourselves for others deeds and hence feel guilty.
    I hope this is real life inspired fiction, that has a happy note to it.
    Waiting for it to end.

  27. The story is a testimony to the fact that so many lush green relationships concealing sludgy muck inside thrive in the glitters of the city-life these days.
    Will be waiting for the grand finale.
    Suvechha roilo.:)

  28. i may be putting it quite blatantly here but i feel like puking at such relations!
    i don't have more words...
    though, you are catching up to be a celebrated story teller !:)

  29. ouch! very very intense....waiting for the next part.

  30. Kay Em - Will be publishing the second part tonight :)

    Pooja...Even as we talk of progress and development, things remain stubbornly same for many of us. It's as if the society is protesting against women trying to break free from a patriarchal setup.

    Stuti....I am still the eager student. Please free to post your suggestions :)

  31. Amitaverse...Not sure about the grand part but yes you can expect a surprise!

    Giribala...Wont have to wait much longer.

  32. Waiting for the next part....and one little suggestion. Why not make a compilation of these and turn it into a book. :)

  33. Fantastic..!!!! The picture you've chosen for this post made me read :D.. Can't wait to know how she is the luckiest woman.

  34. Suman...This is just my second short story :)

    Maitreyee...I badly wanted you to read my attempts at narrating a story :) Thank God you did.

    Tej...Yep..want her to turn the irony of it into reality.

  35. Story telling is an art and I must say you are an artist :)....You have left me asking for more... waiting for the next installment :)

  36. You're going through an intense phase..2 stories back to back about suicide..Where is the satire, purba?..Not that I'm complaining!

  37. Can't wait for the next one ...marriage.. what a big change it brings in woman's life..Till when will woman be treated as an object..To others she might seem to have everything - beauty, brains, rich husband..but how many demons she is fighting.

  38. Purvi...LOL..and I am erupting with joy!

    Ana_treek...Ironically in my foray into fiction, my sense of humor seems to have abandoned me.

    It's tough writing a funny story :)

    bemoneyaware...Yep...appearances can be deceptive.

  39. I had read a modern girl's prayer, please God, give me a rich husband, though he be an ass, but Reading the marvelous twisting saga,I am eager to read the conclusive part.

  40. Love the narration & speed with which you narrating it...

    Waiting for the next part.

  41. Pramod & Smita - I published the concluding part last evening :)

  42. Finally catching up with your blog posts. Now proceeding to read the second part...

  43. You brought out the character of Lavanya very well indeed. Really liked the story so far.I am now going to read the second part.

  44. And just when we thought an educated woman from a good family "has-it-all"...

    I like your funny stories...I'm enjoying this one also now...

  45. Loved the way you have narrated the story.
    Waiting for the next part eagerly...

  46. loved the story Purba :).. waiting for the next part..

  47. I usually hate reading long posts but you write was so detailed that excites me when reading it. And when I reached the last part, I find myself disappointed for it was to be continued but I'll be waiting. I'm so thrilled to know what happens to Lavanya after thinking about suicide. I felt her pain and yes most girls even today still suffer that agony.

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