Thursday, July 5, 2012

Does Multiculturalism Breed Intolerance?

From the author: of  “Never Mind Yaar”  a thought provoking analysis on whether multiculturalism is breeding intolerance. KayEm feels "For most of us, it isn’t the desire to preserve one’s own traditions or culture that is the bigger problem. It is the use of violence to preserve it, to preserve any culture anywhere in the world that disturbs"......

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The majority of Norwegians let him know that unequivocally.

He gunned down 79 Norwegians – all helpless, all innocent, all harmless and full of LIFE and fun. To my mind his reason for doing it was warped. He only wanted people of his own kind to be in his country and no one different. So he killed people of his own kind. This is the reasoning of a terrorist if ever there was reasoning from one. Kill my own kind to save the world from the different others.

The end, that of letting the world know his point of view, justified the means. The means were his plotting for over a year and then putting his plan to kill some wonderful human beings into action. He snuffed out their young lives, destroyed their families by causing them unbearable anguish and then stood vulgarly in court facing the victims’ families trying to seek his moment of justification, fame and glory.

He said he was against the policy of multiculturalism and for letting “Muslims into Norway”. If we can force the government to break down multiculturalism by killing just 70 people that will preserve our values and prevent war in future. He felt the victims were being indoctrinated for multiculturalism by their leaders – the Labour party. Most of the victims were the youth wing of the Labour party.

What a worm; what a warped mind; what a disgraceful, sick, miserable creature to believe he had the right to kill other human beings to get his message across.

Here’s what the Huffington post had to say. When Breivik addressed the court, he lashed out at everything he finds wrong with the world, from the Labor Party's immigration policies, to non-ethnic Norwegians representing the country in the Eurovision Song Contest and the sexually liberated lifestyle of the characters "Carrie" and "Samantha" in "Sex and the City." These are the ideals that are presented to our sisters and daughters today," he said. "They should be censored and removed from our society."

Ask whoever was left to grieve over the loss of family members at his hands and they would repulse and reject his calling them his “sisters and daughters” with all their hearts. He was their killer and as one victim’s mum put it, she hoped she would never have to see his face again and that he would just disappear from Norwegian society into jail forever.

Which brings me to what Breivik didn’t like - multiculturalism. There are so many in the world who subscribe to the view that their own culture is the only one to live by. Most of them might despise others who are different but on the whole, they are peaceful and abhor violence.

Let us talk about India. We have hard core Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs, Tamilians, Christians, Parsis and in fact, hard core traditionalists in every community that lives in India. They feel theirs is the only culture that is truly gracious, the only religion that will give them a passage to heaven and theirs is the only language worth speaking. They might live side by side with the hateful “others”, send their children to the same schools and even work with them but only because they have to. If they do speak about these others, it is only to heap scorn on their differences.

Most of the rest of us are quite happy to live side by side with people from other cultures. We have this easy going attitude of live and let live and are comfortable with our differences. What’s more, we feel free to indulge our curiosity for and enjoyment of the huge variety of traditions and cultures we have always lived side by side with.

Here’s a strange phenomenon. We might be easy going about other cultures but we are really proud of our own. Imagine someone trying to criticise anything about our heritage, our khandaan, and see how quickly that puts our defences up. It is curious because this pride we have in our own unique culture simply cannot be explained away by reason or logic. It just is, wherever in this world we might be.

Then why blame someone trying to preserve that “uniqueness”? There are many reasons. Many of us grow up understanding that our liking for individuals is irrespective of culture. When youngsters fall in love with someone from a different culture ask them what they would give up easily – their desire to preserve their “uniqueness” or their friendship? When I watched the movie, “Bombay” I know I wanted the two young lovers to be happy together irrespective of the fact that one was a Hindu and the other, a Muslim.

For most of us, it isn’t the desire to preserve one’s own traditions or culture that is the bigger problem. It is the use of violence to preserve it, to preserve any culture anywhere in the world that disturbs. It goes against our core humanity. To witness carnage and bloodshed sickens us. The majority of Norwegians spoke out against Breivik for that very reason.

They spoke out against the violent methods he adopted to highlight the “problem” which isn’t to say they spoke out for the immigration of people who they perceived as different, into their country. That is a separate issue. It remains a problem in many countries today, including India. Why, I hear you ask, is it an issue in India? In India, we already are a multicultural society. We’ve had people of different cultures, religions and languages (say at least seventeen languages and 5 to 600 dialects?) living side by side for hundreds of years. I might even be justified in adding peaceful co-existence has been an issue with us way before it became an issue for some other countries. Their problems of trying to assimilate people of different physical appearances and from different religions and cultures started in earnest after WWII. It is fairly recent.

In India, we’ve been multicultural since centuries with a large number from every community suspicious of the “others”. And as we all know, of late, many of our hard core traditionalists have resorted to violence to uphold their own values and traditions to the exclusion of all others.

How do we, the secular minded Indians, the ones who don’t feel threatened by the presence of other cultures in our midst address this issue? On two fronts.

First, to try and understand why our traditionalists feel threatened and overwhelmed by other communities, why some of us have these nameless fears and prejudices against the others, I’ll let Bharati, a student of Gyan Shakti College tell us what she thinks.

Second, to solve the issue of violence because of racial prejudice, we have two options. First, we must denounce it. Not to do so is to condone it. To condone something that goes against our basic human values eats away at what makes us human.

Secondly, we need ongoing discussions to try and resolve this issue. It has come back to haunt and hurt us repeatedly and open discussions and debates will throw up a few more urgently needed ideas to stem its growth. Perhaps Aamir and the makers of SJ are listening?! Perhaps this is what will give our non-violent but communal minded Indians the strength to speak out against violence within their ranks too.


  1. what had happened in Norway is indeed unfortunate .But The main actor in this drama has been caught and brought to trial .well plain speaking it sometimes is easy to do so when you have a countable population and a manageable geographical limits. Our India we boast of multi cultural , secular and democratic thoughts .....are we indeed???. I cannot talk for all but it is a common feature that a student or anyone from the northeast in any part of the country has definitively faced the word " Chinki" thoppoed in his / her face at some point here or there . wow my /our fault to be close to the mongolian line of human race. God are you listening .........why???.

    1. So they have chinki eyes, Parsis have a hooked nose and so many of us are trying desperately to lose weight. Our physical appearances might differ but we all have amazingly similar thoughts and feelings. Hopefully most of us in this day and age recognise that fact. Don't despair, RK, perhaps we can help the ones who don't, overcome their prejudices and look beyond the mere physical.

  2. Powerful post Purba. Yes we are staunchly defensive about our culture, our way of life and will defend it. But to take a step forward and try to kill people to establish the supremacy of our culture is extreme.

    1. Thanks, Phoenixritu. Glad you agree.

  3. What happened was truly unfortunate. I can't believe someone could think & behave like that :|

    very strong post!

    1. Destroying other people's precious lives to get his message across is incomprehensible to most humans. Right now CS, your name could apply to anyone trying to understand his reasoning or grand standing or narcissism or whatever it was.

  4. It was really sad what happened to the innocent victims.Everyone has a right to their opinions,but using violent methods to send a message across is a complete NO.A very interesting post..

    1. Wish the Breiviks of this world are made to understand this. Thanks, Diana.

  5. any ideology that takes innocent lives for asserting itself doesn't deserve a second chance.

    1. I hope they don't get one. Wonder what in their warped minds gives them justification

  6. The guy is mentally sick.
    Sometimes it bothers me that there are similar people in India too. We have had enough riots in the past to underline the fact that we as a society are not very tolerant of each other's community and religion.
    Somehow I feel this is a basic human nature to be robotic about the supremacy in the way we are bought up. And then sometimes delusions of such supremacy gives birth to such monsters. He is not different from Hitler.

    1. You are right to be disturbed, Amit. India is full of traditionalists giving themselves justification to hurt the hateful "others"

  7. It is not only in India but countries around the world that are much more insulated and do not really welcome outsiders. Look at the fear of Muslims among the Europeans or the banning of burqa in France. And, look at the impunity with which the Muslim world differentiates among even its own; the others are not even considered human beings.

    1. That fear of other communities does exist everywhere as you rightly point out Rachana. Changes can only happen when the open minded from within a community speak up and let their opinions be known to their own kind.

  8. Unfortunately, so many people in India are unable to draw the distinction between violence and non violence. Protest is ok. Disagreeing is ok. One might even say that hating is ok. But do it all non violently if you want!

    Freedom of expression is there for a reason. So that you have an adequate outlet for all your feelings. Violence is entirely unacceptable. We need to make that amply clear.

    1. You are so right BJP :). How to make the violent ones understand that is our major problem (further complicated in India because of politicians using their services.) But we could try and make our own understand it is unacceptable to us.

  9. Purba,

    A very mature look at sensitive issue dogging us. Tolerance is the key to live in peace and harmony. Live and let live should be followed strictly. Unfortunately those with vested interests do not subscribe to this and keep inciting violence for their petty gains.

    Take care

  10. Lovely post KayEm, and thanks Purba for publishing this.

    It's indeed unfortunate that some blokes resort to violence to prove their point.

    However, I've always ascribed to a conspiracy theory that there are certain individuals who reap maximum economic benefit out of such events, which is why they continue at such scale. Money finds its way to organizations that promote such violence. Such money, at such scale, can not be donated for free. Who gains? Certain businessmen by eliminating some competition?

    If that is the case, then multiculturalism is just an excuse for violence, a cover-up for an actual target.

    There will always be hardline extremist organizations - it's on the basis of their monetary support that they become mainstream topics that you and I discuss over this blog!

    Long story short: stop the money!

    1. It is way beyond the realm of possibility that we'll individually change these practices of profit at any cost, Karthiday. We've all heard how tax payer money goes into individual pockets, how "donations" are made to cut out competition etc. As I've said earlier, we can only stop people from within our own community (perhaps even just family) from being violent against others for starters. As for the former ills, IAC was and can still be our India Shining. Perhaps we could start by visiting their website

    2. I really wish the debate progressed to the corporate-political nexus and stymieing that growth.

      It's difficult. It's complex. But it can be done!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Warped minds and warped behaviour, KayEm! The acts of a lone fanatic - no matter how tragic the consequences - are less worrisome than the acts of organized groups and political parties, which polarize society in order to establish their presence.

    1. Organised violence and political parties polarizing society to establish their presence. That is exactly right CS. Bullseye. And we cannot fight them as individuals. We'd be eaten for breakfast if we tried.

  13. appreciate the sensitivity with which you have approached this question. in some cruel and inhuman ways both multiculturalism and intolerance are mechanisms to strengthen us as a species. it is perhaps best understood when we look at how 'high art' looks at popular/populist art. why does life have to be so complicated...

    thanks, kayem and purba, for this thought provoking read...

    1. If it is to be survival of the fittest, SD, let it be survival of the secular, the open minded and the tolerant. We've lived side by side with too many others for centuries to want it to be different. As Bharati of Gyan Shakti college said, the common umbrella we all share is that of our humanity, guided by the laws of our city.

  14. Violence is no answer to any problem.

  15. Multiculturalism breeds intolerance when cultures are transplanted not assimilating the local culture. This gives rise to xenophobia resulting in intolerance.

  16. I suppose, the only answer I can think of is to strike a balance. One extreme is to insist the "others" assimilate completely and the other extreme is to keep away completely from the others. Most of us fit in somewhere inbetween. And as you said, violence is no answer. Thanks magiceye.

  17. One mentally sick guy, 70 innocent lives. I do wish he simply disappears into oblivion:( Powerful post, Purba.

  18. Need of all times is to refuse inheritance of hatred at a personal level.Rigidity of thoughts,stagnant beliefs and above all extreme efforts from parents to pass all that in the name of 'CULTURE' on to the next generation is the root cause of aggression .It has to change at a personal level first and then passed on to the next level.

    1. Parents who are blinded by prejudice are bound to pass it on. But if there are open discussions about the issue (on tv, radio, chat shows, blogs, newspaper articles) their kids have the opportunity to see another angle. And I feel the discussions first have to be about why there is prejudice and only afterwards about who exacerbates it and for what reasons.

  19. What a sadistic bastard! I suppose it's his way of "ethnic cleansing", very similar to what Hitler did with the Jews. I hope he gets the death penalty for this.

    Very powerful post!

    1. Hope so too. But I think, in Norway, there is no death penalty.

  20. Wonder why a root cause analysis is never done ? If we can address it a the begining chances are we may never have to see violence.

    1. We do need to air this issue of prejudice - discuss it and its consequences objectively.

  21. Hasn't violence been an integral part of the history of the human species? Look at any time of the history and see whether it has been free of violence. Even in India people fought one another in the name of tribes, caste, princely kingdoms...

    I wonder whether there is any real solution to this - except civilise mankind!

    1. You are so right, Mathekal. As long as there are more than one human on earth, there will be negative emotions like jealousy, envy, anger, fear etc but there are ways to express those and violence goes against the core of most of us. What helps is facing ourselves honestly in the mirror and trying to understand what and where our fears and feelings of inadequacy stem from, who encourages them and why. Then we might be able to come up with a better way to express them.

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    Tengah pekan lalu, Los Cules mendapatkan larangan beraktivitas di bursa transfer selama dua jendela transfer. Pembelian 10 pemain muda yang dinilai menyalahi aturan menjadi penyebabnya.

    Agen bola Indo11 Terpercaya –Lee Seung Woo (U-16), Park Seung-Ho (U-18) dan Jang Gyeolhee (U-16), merupakan tiga pemain yang berasal dari Korea Selatan merupakan beberapa pemain muda itu. Sementara pemain lainnya, Theo Chendri (U-18), Bobby Adekanye (U-16), Patrice Sousia (U-14), Giancarlo Poveda (U-14), Andrei Onana (U-18), Maxi Rolin (U-18) dan Antonio Sanabria.

    Atas sanksi itu, Barca sudah mengajukan banding. Mereka juga menduga bahwa ada yang bermain dengan jatuhnya sanksi larangan untuk melakukan beraktivitas di bursa transfer.


  37. Liga Spanyol Tak Mengubah Gaya Main Bale

    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen bola Indo11 –Madrid - Gareth Bale langsung bisa beradaptasi dengan baik di musim pertamanya bersama Real Madrid. Pesepakbola asal Wales itu mengaku tak mengubah permainan agar bisa langsung tampil bagus.

    Bale sudah melakoni 36 pertandingan di semua ajang bersama El Real musim ini sejak pindah dari Tottenham Hotspur di awal musim. Tampil sebanyak itu, Bale mampu menyumbangkan 18 gol dan 18 assist.

    Agen bola Indo11 Terpercaya –Bersama Cristiano Ronaldo dan Karim Benzema, Bale mampu menjadi trisula yang maut. Kombinasi ketiganya sudah membuahkan total 86 gol di semua ajang yang diikuti Los Merengues. CR7 menjadi penyumbang gol terbanyak dengan catatan 45 gol, sementara Benzema 23 kali membobol gawang lawan.

    Bale pun lantas mengucapkan perbedaan antara Liga Spanyol dan Premier League. Dia pun juga berujar bahwa dirinya tak mengubah gaya permainan dengan ciri mengandalkan kecepatan agar sesuai dengan gaya permainan di La Liga yang lebih mengandalkan penguasaan bola.

    "Saya tak mengubah gaya permainan. Di Spanyol, pertandingan lebih mengedepankan penguasaan bola, tapi gaya bermain saya tak banyak berubah dan saya merasa nyaman," kata Bale di Soccerway.



  38. Poyet: Sunderland Butuh Keajaiban

    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen bola Indo11 –London - Sunderland semakin terbenam pasca dibantai Tottenham Hotspur 1-5. Manajer Sunderland Gustavo Poyet mengakui bahwa timnya butuh keajaiban untuk terhindar dari degradasi.

    Melawat ke White Hart Lane pada dinihari tadi, Sunderland sempat tampil menjanjikan setelah Lee Cattermole memanfaatkan kesalahan Vlad Chiriches untuk menjebol di awal-awal pertandingan.

    Agen bola Indo11 Terpercaya –Tapi setelah Emmanuel Adebayor menyeimbangkan permainan beberapa saat setelahnya, Tottenham tak terbendung. Di babak kedua, empat gol lain bersarang di gawang Vito Mannone lewat Hary Kane, Christian Eriksen, Adebayor dan Gylfi Sidgursson.

    Kekalahan ini semakin membuat The Black Cats terpuruk di posisi juru kunci dengan 25 poin hasil 31 bertanding terpaut tujuh angka dari Norwich City di zona aman namun masih memiliki dua pertandingan sisa.



  39. Meski Sedang Tak Fit, Silva Diharapkan Bisa Main Hingga Akhir Musim

    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen bola Indo11 –Manchester - Manajer Manchester City Manuel Pellegrini mengungkapkan bahwa David Silva tengah dalam kondisi tak fit dalam beberapa laga terakhir. Diharapkan Silva tak absen di sisa musim yang krusial ini.

    Silva disebut sedang mengalami masalah pada engkelnya dan tak disebutkan apakah pemain internasional Spanyol itu memakai suntikan pemati rasa atau tidak.

    Agen bola Indo11 Terpercaya –Namun, Pellegrini tetap saja khawatir terkait apakah Silva bisa terus bermain di sisa tujuh laga City musim ini yang sangat krusial untuk perjalanan mereka menuju titel juara.

    Apalagi Silva adalah pemain kunci The Citizens musim ini dengan enam gol dan 13 assist dari 30 penampilan di seluruh kompetisi. Silva pun disebut bisa tampil di laga big match akhir pekan ini di Anfield kontra Liverpool.

    "Dia bermain sangat, sangat baik. Apalagi karena dia bermain dengan kondisi engkel yang sedang sakit pekan ini," ujar Pellegrini.



  40. Bidik Tiket Liga Champions, Everton Bisa Bantu The Reds Juara

    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen bola Indo11 –Liverpool - Everton berada di posisi yang bagus untuk meraih tiket ke Liga Champions musim depan. The Toffees bisa menggapai tiket itu sembari 'membantu' Liverpool juara.

    Everton memetik kemenangan telak atas Arsenal dalam laga lanjutan Liga Inggris akhir pekan lalu. Berlaga di Goodison Park, tim besutan Roberto Martinez itu menang tiga gol tanpa balas berkat sumbangan gol dari Steven Naismith, Romelu Lukaku, dan bunuh diri Mikel Arteta.

    Agen bola Indo11 Terpercaya –Tambahan tiga angka ini membuat Everton cuma berjarak satu poin dari Arsenal yang menempati posisi terakhir zona Liga Champions. Tak cuma itu, hasil ini merupakan kemenangan keenam kali secara beruntuk buat Everton.

    Everton yang mengumpulkan 63 poin, juga diuntungkan dengan jumlah bermain yang lebih sedikit. Mereka baru bermain sebanyak 32 kali, sementara Arsenal sudah bermain 33 kali.

    Everton masih akan berhadapan dengan Manchester City di sisa Liga Inggris musim ini. The Citizensmerupakan saingan berat The Reds untuk meraih gelar juara Premier League.

    Liverpool yang sudah mengumpulkan 70 poin hasil dari 33 berlaga, berjarak empat poin dari City di peringkat tiga, tapi masih menyimpan dua laga.


  41. Everton Masih Punya Laga-laga Sulit, RamseyPede Arsenal Finis di Empat Besar

    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen bola Indo11 –London - Gelandang Arsenal Aaron Ramsey masih yakin benar timnya bisa finis di posisi empat besar Premier League. Apalagi Everton, yang sedang mengancam posisi timnya sekarang, masih punya laga-laga tak mudah.

    Agen bola Indo11 Terpercaya –'Gudang Peluru' kini masih duduk di peringkat keempat papan klasemen Premier League dengan nilai 64 dari 33 laga. Namun, Everton sudah menguntit di urutan kelima dengan hanya berjarak satu poin dan masih menyimpan satu laga lebih banyak. Hasil itu sendiri tidak lepas dari kekalahan 0-3 Arsenal atas Everton pada pertandingan akhir pekan lalu.

    "Sekarang kami harus berjuang bersama-sama. Kami masih mempunyai lima laga tersisa dan kami harus memenangi semuanya agar bisa finis di urutan keempat atau lebih tinggi," tegas Ramsey di situs resmi klub.

    Di lima laga terakhir Arsenal akan bertemu tim-tim yang di atas kertas bisa mereka atasi, seperti West Ham United, Hull City, Newcastle United, West Bromwich Albion, dan Norwich City. Berkaca pada pertemuan pertama Arsenal tak terkalahkan saat melawan lima tim itu meski hanya bisa seri saat menghadapi West Brom.



  42. Sherwood Nilai Spurs Tampil Fantastis

    Berita terbaru dan terkini bola Soccer dari Agen bola Indo11 –London - Manajer Tottenham Hotspur Tim Sherwood puas dengan penampilan anak asuhnya setelah menang 5-1 atas Sunderland. The Lilywhites sempat berada dalam tekanan setelah tertinggal lebih dulu di laga ini.

    Sempat tertinggal lebih dulu lewat gol Lee Cattermole, Spurs pada akhirnya sukses membalikkan keadaan atas Sunderland di White Hart Lane, Selasa (8/4/2014) dinihari WIB. Emmanuel Adebayor menyumbangkan dua gol, sementara tiga gol lain dibagi rata antara Harry Kane, Christian Eriksen, dan Gylfi Sigurdsson.

    Agen bola Indo11 Terpercaya –Statistik yang dicatat whoscored menunjukkan secara keseluruhan Spurs tampil dominan. Memegang penguasaan bola hingga 61%, tim London utara itu melepaskan total 11 tembakan tepat target berbanding hanya empat milik tamunya.

    "Saya pikir anak-anak bermain fantastis. Adalah sebuah kemunduran dengan memberikan Sunderland gol dan itu merupakan sebuah kesalahan, tapi saya pikir kami bangkit dengan baik untuk mencetak gol dan mengontrol pertandingan serta mendominasi," kata Sherwood dikutip BBC.



  43. Double blow for Chelsea as Cech ruled out for rest of the season and Terry injured ahead of crunch title clash with Liverpool
    According to Android Apps Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech has been ruled out for the remainder of the season after dislocating his shoulder in the Champions League semi-final against Atletico Madrid - while captain John Terry was also taken off injured.
    Cech collided with Raul Garcia as both players competed for a cross before landing awkwardly in the goal mouth.
    The 31-year-old immediately signalled to the bench while a throng of players from both sides surrounded him. Chelsea medical staff eventually ushered him off the field swathed in a blanket as he cradled his right arm in obvious pain.


  44. Lima Kapten Dunia Kini Tengah Bermain Untuk Madrid

    Berita Olah Raga Terbaru dari Agen Bola Cityholidaybet – Raksasa La Liga Spanyol Real Madrid, kini mengepakan sayapnya ke seluruh dunia lewat para kapten yang di tunjuk untuk memimpin tim Nasional mereka yang berlaga di Internasional dan kini tengah bergabung dengan Los Blancos, diantaranya: Cristiano Ronaldo, Iker Casillas, Raphael Varane, Sami Khedira, dan James Rodriguez.

    Seperti yang dilaporkan oleh AS, Casillas dan Ronaldo adalah dua pemain yang paling lama menjabat kapten di timnasional mereka, Casillas sendiri sudah mencatatkan 160 caps untuk Spanyol. Sementara sang mesin gol Ronaldo dipercaya oleh timnas Portugal menjadi kapten semenjak Euro 2008.
    Selain itu, tiga pemain lainnya Raphael Varane, Sami Khedira dan James Rodriguez masih belum begitu lama menjadi kapten di tim nasional negaranya masing-masing.


  45. Isco Kini Mau Cium Emblem Madrid

    Berita Olah Raga Terbaru dari Agen Bola Cityholidaybet – Isco gelandang Real Madrid, menyatakan dirinya kini siap untuk mencium logo Real Madrid yang ada di jersey yang di gunakannya, walau sebelumnya di awal karirnya bersama Los Blancos dirinya enggan mencium emblem klubnya tersebut ketika di minta oleh fotografer.
    "Ya, mungkin saat ini saya sudah siap untuk mencium emblem Real. Namun tentu saja tidak untuk merayakan semua gol, tapi yang penting saja. Di Liga Champions, misalnya," ungkap Isco seperti dilansir ISF.
    "Jika saya merasa momennya tepat, maka saya akan mencium logo Real."


  46. Tak Ada Yang Lampaui Messi Ungkap Cappa

    Berita Olah Raga Terbaru dari Agen Bola Cityholidaybet – Angel Cappa manjer legendaris Argentina, mengungkapkan bahwa menurutnya Lionel Messi adalah pemain yang layak disejajarkan dengan para pesepakbola legendaries dunia karena menurutnya tak ada pemain yang bisa lampaui atas raihan prestasinya.

    "Messi seperti Cruyff, Di Stefano, Pele, Maradona. Tidak ada yang bisa melampaui dirinya. Ia memiliki status tertentu," tutur Cappa pada Esports Cope.
    "Ia sudah banyak mengalami perkembangan sebagai seorang pemain. Ia amat bertalenta. Ia mampu membuat peluang bagi rekan setimnya. Saat ini ia bisa bermain di mana pun dan tetap bisa mencetak gol bagi timnya," pungkasnya.

  47. Diincar Barca, Ranieri Sebut Mahrez Bertahan

    Agen Bola - Claudio Ranieri berkeras bahwa Riyad Mahrez akan terus bertahan di Leicester City.
    Sebelumnya ada banyak spekulasi mengenai masa depan sang pemain di musim panas, usai pemenang Pemain Terbaik PFA itu disebut menarik minat Arsenal dan Barcelona.
    Namun demikian, di sela-sela pra-musim Leicester di Austria, Ranieri mengatakan bahwa klubnya tidak akan pergi ke manapun.
    "Saya sangat percaya diri padanya. Ia akan bertahan," tutur Ranieri pada Leicester Mercury.
    "Ia ingin bertahan di sini bersama kami. Ia menikmatinya, ia terus tertawa. Ia bukan seseorang yang akan mengatakan 'Oh, manajer, saya ingin pergi'. Tidak, ia tengah merasa bahagia."
    Sebagai juara bertahan Premier League, Leicester City juga akan mendapatkan kesempatan untuk bermain di Liga Champions musim depan.

  48. Inter Milan Layangkan Tawaran Untuk Joao Mario

    Agen Bola - Klub Serie A, Inter Milan nampaknya mantap untuk mendatangkan Joao Mario dari Sporting Lisbon. Hal ini terlihat dari pergerakan manajemen Nerrazurri yang disebut sudah melayangkan tawaran sebesar £33,4 Juta untuk Gelandang Timnas Portugal tersebut.
    Penampilan apik Joao Mario bersama Timnas Portugal di Euro 2016 ini nampaknya menarik minat sejumlah klub-klub top Eropa. Beberapa nama seperti Manchester United, Inter Milan dan Chelsea disebut-sebut ingin menjajal kemampuan gelandang 23 tahun ini di tim mereka.
    Beberapa waktu yang lalu, Ayah Joao Mario mengindikasikan bahwa anaknya akan bergabung dengan Inter Milan. Dan nampaknya rumor ini akan segera menjadi kenyataan mengingat kubu Inter Milan dikabarkan sudah melakukan langkah konkret untuk mendatangkan sang pemain.
    Menurut laporan media Portugal Record, disebut bahwa Inter Milan telah melayangkan tawaran sebesar £33.4 juta untuk gelandang berkepala plontos tersebut. Tawaran ini dinilai sudah cukup memenuhi keinginan Sporting Lisbon sehingga transfer ini akan segera terjadi dalam waktu dekat nanti.

  49. De Laurentiis: Higuain ke Juventus Itu Hoax!

    Agen Bola - Anak dari presiden Napoli, Edo De Laurentiis mengklaim bahwa semua kabar yang menyebut Gonzalo Higuain ke Juventus adalah hoax alias omong kosong.
    Ada beberapa laporan yang menyebutkan bahwa top skor Serie A musim lalu itu telah menyetujui tawaran dari Bianconeri, yang bahkan disebut siap membayar 94 juta euro sesuai klausul buy out-nya.
    Sebelumnya, presiden Napoli, Aurelio e Laurentiis diyakini tak akan merestui transfer Higuain ke Juventus. Dan senada dengan sang ayah, kini sang anak, Edo De Laurentiis juga menyebut bahwa kesepakatan transfer itu tak akan terjadi.
    "Ini hanya hoax, omong kosong.. Anda tak harus mempercayai segalanya," ujar Edo De Laurentiis kepada Tutto Napoli.
    Selain disebut siap membayar 94 juta euro, Juventus disebut juga menyiapkan alternatif sebesar 75 juta euro ditambah Roberto Pereyra dalam bagian dari kesepakatan.

  50. Sang Adik Pastikan Hazard Bertahan di Stamford Bridge

    Agen Bola Melaporkan Berita Olahraga Terkini dan terbaru - Adik dari Eden Hazard menegaskan bahwa winger asal Belgia itu akan tetap bertahan di Chelsea musim depan.
    Musim 2015-16 kemarin, Hazard tampil di bawah performa terbaiknya. Ia pun akhirnya gagal membuat Chelsea bertahan di zona empat besar.
    Menurunya performa pemain berusia 25 tahun tersebut membuatnya sempat disebut akan angkat kaki dari Stamford Bridge. Hazard juga sempat dikait-kaitkan dengan klub seperti Real Madrid maupun PSG.
    Namun Kylian Hazard, adik dari Eden, memberikan jawaban terkait teka-teki masa depan kakaknya tersebut. Ia menegaskan bahwa Eden akan tetap bertahan di Stamford Bridge.
    “Ia akan tetap tinggal di Chelsea, ia bahagia di Chelsea. Ia mencintai London. Bagus baginya berada di sana dan ia mengatakan bahwa fasilitasnya sungguh hebat,” tuturnya pada Goal International.
    “Ini adalah salah satu tim terbesar di dunia. Ia akan menjadi istimewa lagi bagi mereka di tahun berikutnya,” tegasnya.

  51. Didier Deschamps : “Kami Memiliki Kans Juarai Euro 2016”

    Agen Bola Melaporkan Berita Olahraga Terkini dan terbaru - Pelatih Timnas Prancis, Didier Deschamps mengutarakan pendapatnya mengenai partai Final Euro 2016 yang akan digelar tiga hari lagi. Deschamps berpendapat bahwa peluang timnya dan Portugal untuk menjuarai Euro 2016 sama besarnya, sehingga partai Final nanti diprediksi akan berlangsung dengan sengit.
    Les Bleus sendiri resmi memastikan diri sebagai finalis kedua Euro 2016 setelah mereka menaklukan Jerman dengan skor 2-0 pada dini hari tadi. Mereka kurang selangkah lagi untuk meraih Trofi Euro ketiga mereka, di mana mereka harus mengalahkan Portugal untuk meraih tujuan tersebut.
    Dihadapkan dengan Portugal di Partai Final, Deschamps mengaku siap dan ia menilai timnya punya peluang untuk menjadi juara. “Kami memiliki kans kami untuk menjuarai Euro 2016, dan Portugal juga peluang yang sama” beber Deschamps kepada ESPN.
    “Meski berstatus sebagai tuan rumah dan kami baru saja mengalahkan Jerman tidak berarti kami punya kesempatan yang lebih besar untuk memenangkan Euro nanti. Kami percaya bahwa kami bisa memenangkan turnamen ini begitu pula dengan Portugal” tutup pelatih 47 tahun tersebut.

  52. Wenger Dikabarkan Incar Morata dan Lacazette

    Agen Bola Melaporkan Berita Olahraga Terkini dan terbaru - Manajer Arsenal, Arsene Wenger, disebut masih amat ingin mendatangkan striker baru di musim panas, setelah klub disebut terlibat negosiasi dengan Alexandre Lacazette dan Alvaro Morata.
    Wenger disebut amat kecewa ketika Jamie Vardy menolak kesempatan bergabung dengan The Gunners, setelah klausulnya aktif, namun sejak saat itu sang manajer memusatkan perhatian pada striker Lyon, Lacazette, dan bintang Real Madrid, Morata, menurut Goal International.
    Olivier Giroud, yang sempat berbicara pada Wenger mengenai masa depannya sebelum Euro 2016, akan bermain sebagai striker utama tim musim depan, dan manajer Prancis ingin menutup bursa musim panas dengan mencari pemain baru yang bisa bersaing dengan sosok berusia 29 tahun.
    Morata sendiri baru bergabung dengan Real Madrid dari Juventus bulan lalu dan ia diperkirakan akan dijual lagi untuk memberi keuntungan pada timnya. Chelsea juga tertarik dengan pemain yang sama, namun Arsenal juga tidak akan menyerah begitu saja.
    Sementara itu, Wenger juga diklaim akan mengincar bek Wolfsburg, Ricardo Rodriguez, untuk membenahi lini belakang The Gunners, yang sudah mulai dimakan usia.

  53. Juarai Australia Terbuka, Djokovic Penasaran dengan Gelar Roland Garros

    Agen Bola Terpercaya melaporkan, Novak Djokovic masih mempunyai pekerjaan besar di turnamen tenis grand slam. Petenis Serbia itu belum sekalipun menjadi juara di Prancis Terbuka.
    Djokovic menambah satu gelar jura Australia Terbuka Minggu (31/1/2016) usai mengalahkan Andy Murray. Itu menjadi koleksi titel keenamnya di turnamen grand slam Melbourne Park.
    Petenis 28 tahun itu sekaligus menjadikan dirinya berada di urutan keempat petenis dengan koleksi grand slam terbanyak dengan 11 titel. Lima gelar itu didapatkan dari tiga di Wimbledon dan dua lainnya dari Amerika Serikat Terbuka.
    Djokovic belum sekalipun menjadi juara di Prancis. Dua tahun terakhir, dia hanya sampai final. Dia pun amat penasaran untuk menjadi juara Roland Garros. "Itu satu-satunya turnamen tenis grand slam yang belum pernah saya menangkan, tapi saya rasa saya masih punya kesempatan besar untuk meraihnya," kata Djokovic.
    "Setiap tahun saat saya tampil di sana saya merasa kalau waktunya makin dekat. Saya bisa mencapai tiga kali final. Saya akan menempatkan diri saya pada posisi untuk meraihnya trofi itu nanti. Saya akan menyiapkan diri semaksimal mungkin.“
    "Kalau mengibaratkan serigala yang bertarung ke puncak gunung maka serigala ini sedang amat lapar. Serigala ini membutuhkan makanan yang berbeda-beda untuk mengatasi rasa lapar itu," ucap dia.

  54. Cahill Tak Ingin Ikuti Jejak Terry

    Agen Bola Terpercaya melaporkan, Gary Cahlill menyatakan tak akan meninggalkan Chelsea mengikuti langkah John Terry yang akan hengkang pada akhir musim ini.
    Akhir-akhir ini, Cahill santer dikabarkan ingin meninggalkan Stamford Bridge karena ia disebut tak bahagia karena kurang mendapat kesempatan bermain. Wakil kapten Timnas Inggris tersebut hanya dua kali diturunkan sejak kedatangan Guus Hiddink. Ia baru diberikan kesempatan bermain lagi ketika Chelsea menghadapi MK Dons kemarin.
    "Saya ingin bertahan di klub ini, saya telah menyepakati kontrak empat tahun dua bulan lalu dan itu membuktikan saya ingin di sini," ujar Cahill. "Di musim-musim terakhir saya terlibat 85-90 dalam permainan dan musim ini sudah berbeda," lanjutnya.
    Namun bagaimanpun, pemain 30 tahun itu ingin mendapat kepastian bermain selama bertahan di Chelsea. "Kalian tahu ada pemain yang bahagia duduk di bangku cadangan dan mendapatkan gajinya. Tapi saya bukan pemain seperti itu. Saya ingin bermain dan menjadi bagian besar sebisa saya," papar Cahill.

  55. Arsenal Tak Bersedia Tampung Terry

    Agen Bola Terpercaya melaporkan, Arsene Wenger menyatakan tak tertarik untuk menampung John Terry di Arsenal meskipun berstatus gratis pada musim panas mendatang.
    Pemain 35 tahun tersebut dipastikan akan meninggalkan Chelsea pada akhir musim ini ketika kontraknya habis.
    Wenger mengakui bahwa Terry adalah pemain hebat. Tapi pemain yang telah mencatatkan 696 penampilan bersama The Blues tersebut dipercaya tak akan bergabung dengan Arsenal.
    Pada musim panas kemarin, Arsenal sukses menggaet Petr Cech dari Chelsea dan pada musim ini tampil sangat bagus bersama The Gunners.Operasi seperti itu bukan berarti berlaku pada Terry.
    "Saya tak tertarik dengan John Terry. Dia sudah berada di ambang karier dan jika seandainya ia ingin bermain lebih lama saya yakin ia akan tetap bermain untuk Chelsea," ujar Wenger.


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