Friday, September 7, 2012

Confessions of Social Media Addict

My guest post as Blogadda's Premium blogger. Posting it for all who have yet to read it.....

When Sheila joined Facebook, it was confirmed what she had suspected all along –she was beautiful. One never gets tired of hearing the truth. So, she started uploading a new profile picture every week. Gosh! You still look the same, Hellow gorgeous, Hey beautifool, wanna be freinds? Life had never looked this good. In fact, her side profile with her tongue sticking out got her 105 likes. That night she started accusingly at her husband and said –do you have any idea, how lucky you are?

Her status updates were another story. From initiating debates on plight of women in Afghanistan, to ungrateful maids, to the rotting state of the economy, to sharing images of deformed babies to feed the starving in Ethiopia –Sheila was now feeling like the prettier version of Oprah. Realizing that her quick wit and superior intellect needed a bigger platform, she started a blog.

Pen is mightier than the sword, outrage is stronger than nonchalance.

Sheila was the centre of a universe she had created,just like a toddler is for her parents. Look at me Mommeee, I am flying! 26 ½ people called me brilliant. Ain’t I awesome, Ma! Her little achievements, sob stories and rants had an audience spanning continents. Thrashing sentiments out of her keyboard, brandishing her opinions, she was out to change the world.

She made a grand entry to the Twitter world. Mayawati sent an e-hathi to welcome her, Mamata demanded a roll-back, Abhishek Manu Sanghvi invited her to his cottage for an in-depth discussion about her career, Meira Kumar asked her to “baith jaiye, shant ho jaiye”. But Sheila knew, in reality they were quaking in their boots with fear. She, the queen of satire, who could nip ballooning egos in the bud, destroy careers by writing secret diaries on behalf of celebrities and tweet the meanest jokes at their expense. Being funny was never this fun. Outraging in 140 characters had never felt this good. Newspapers were falling over each other to publish her tweets. Sheila Sharma was now India famous in Gobargaon.

Outraging in 140 characters had never felt this good.

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  1. interesting take......on social media obsession :)

  2. How many are going to feel, how did Purba know so much about me? ;)

  3. Nicely written ...... superlyk :)

  4. I remember from some of your earlier post(s) that you are a September born Virgo (4th?). Accept my warm wishes for many more birthdays filled with warmth, plenty of gifts and good health.
    I am in my 40s too, and celebrate the fact that I have yet to cross the half century mark :)
    We are still young, aren't we? :)


  5. funny post...but it is absolutely true!!

  6. Hahaha, I especially enjoyed reading the last pararaph!
    And a similar article has been published in this month's issue of the Brunch magazine.

    @Tales of her and by her.
    @Teenage Babblings

  7. Purba,

    Good one. But could not read on blogadda as was not able to click on the link as well as by typing the whole link it did not work.

    Take care

  8. you can try this link:

  9. This was great, but I am unable to go onto the link. Waiting to finish the read :-)

    1. Jenny, you can go to and type in Purba ray in the search coloumn. the first post is Social Media Addict :).. i was desperate to finish the read so ended up with seraching on the main site :)

  10. :) hmmmmmmmm well it seems everyone is addicted .. I really like when we ask someone , how come they did not call or something like that and they say oh been busy.. and you find out they have spent hours on twitter or FB etc ..


  11. No wonder you are amongst top 10 premium bloggers

  12. I put the link again. Think it should work this time. And thank you, for the comments.

  13. Not being on FB or twitter has always been a boon to me :) But for this time, when I find I have no choice but to communicate this to you through a misplaced comment :)

    Was I surprised to track back my traffic sources and find that you had recommended my post in Blogadda! Never even realized that you read my posts (bar one incidentally on social media, again :) ) Thanks!!

  14. Congratulations Purba and yet another incisive post from you!!!

  15. Loved this one...the way you conveyed is apt and so so real!

  16. Congrats Purba ,you have so many laurels in your kitty.

  17. Meira Nair asked her to "baith jaiye, shant ho jaiye" ...

    ROFL, i couldn't stop laughing reading this line !!!


  18. Loved this one...It's just that one shouldn't be carried away the likes and retweets..After all it's only a virtual world..

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