Thursday, February 21, 2013

My Guest Post for BlogwatiG

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We met exactly a year back. She had just ventured into the world of blogging and I was celebrating my blog's second anniversary. It was love at first sight for us. I fell in love with her writing and spread the word around and she has never let me forget that. She calls me her lucky charm, I call her the tigress. She roars, prowls confidently and pounces on what she perceives as unjust. She makes plagiarizers pee in their pants, has little patience for hypocrisy and is never afraid of raising her voice against wrongdoers.

It's requires a lot of will power not to fall in love with Blogwati G.

On the occasion of our blog anniversary (yes, A-Musing turned 3 yesterday) I ponder upon my relationship with him, in God and I.

Before the age of special effects, before innocence was dead, during my frilly frock days – God was my superhero. I believed it was He who could set things right that I had messed up so badly. He was my confidante, my sounding board, the one who listened to my whys and why nots patiently. He was my first strong and silent one before I graduated to Mills and Boons.

Now before you turn around and ask me, why He, why not a She – I’d like to admit that it was because I knew no better. He was meant to protect, while She was meant to nurture and I had accepted this logic without a murmur of protest.

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