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Un-muting those Pesky Voices in my Head

All of us at some point in our lives have yearned to break free. Our reasons may have varied – that of monotony, a stifling relationship, a job that sucked the life out of us. It is in these periods of restlessness we see through the veneer of everything- is-perfect-in-my-life. Consumed with self-doubt we wonder whether we are doing too little or too much with our life. We retreat into a corner and finally unmute those pesky voices in our head. Voices with that air of superiority, always knowing what to do, merciless with truth – they make us feel like an errant child.

Then they are those phases when we are rudely thrown out of our comfort zones. It’s is like being pushed out of the dark comfort of your mother’s womb. You hate it – flail your arms with anger, squeeze your eyes shut and cry loudly to protest. You long to crawl back into that sac where you had just her heartbeat for company. Just like that clock on your wall, its loud tic-toc matching the rhythm of your heart, relegating each breath of yours to past tense.

As we grow old and take charge of our lives, we replicate the comfort of her womb by regimenting our existence into a routine. To bed by 11, wake up at 6, work hard on weekdays, work less on weekends, work time, play time, family time….

The truth is, most of us find routines comforting. Freedom intimidates us. It’s always reassuring to know what to expect.


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