A Suit-able Expedition

With the festive season approaching, I decided I wanted a traditional outfit for myself. Not that I don’t have enough of them, my closet is crammed with my largely unworn saris. In Gurgaon, if you wear saris for a casual occasion, people look at you as if you’ve landed from Mars.

Now we women have this unique talent of creating islands of needs even if we are swimming in a sea of plenty. You can’t possibly expect me to wear one of the many outfits I purchased this season, do you? (Insert horrified expression). And on festivals I wouldn’t be caught dead in a western outfit. I want a formal churidar suit for myself and come to think of it, I don’t even have a single one.

So one pleasant evening, we headed to one of the popular malls of Gurgaon. The husband wanted a new pair of spectacles and I would be surveying the many boutiques for “the perfect one”. The mall on a weekday is a pleasant place to be in. It’s surprisingly uncrowded , you don’t run the risk of your toes getting trampled upon and landing an elbow or two in your stomach. The husband busied himself with the onerous task of selecting the perfect pair (yes, both of us are a match made in heaven) and I trundled off for my survey.

When you enter an outlet that specializes in so called haute-couture, you realize how environment friendly they are. Each attire looks like an eco friendly solution to Gurgaon’s power problem, wear one and you will light up even the darkest room. Weighed down with stones of all hues, each kurta makes glittery look pale. And not content with just stones, the designer(??) goes ahead and decides to marry many fabrics in a single ensemble. So, you not only get to wear net, you also get satin, a dash of brocade with velvet encasing the seam. And in colours that could bring even a speeding Ferrari to a grinding halt. To make it worse, each kurta is shaped like a tent, with the one size fits all logic. I gingerly chose an all white outfit and a navy blue one. Tried to imagine myself in them – I was horrified. I beat a hasty retreat and decided to take a breather at the optical store. The husband was missing, found him with the optometrist (don’t you get ideas!!!!) going through an array of mean looking tests. Lenses of all shapes and sizes kept making an appearance and I kept looking impatiently at my watch. Dahling, I think I’ll scoot and check out some more. 

The next boutique was less appalling but still high on bling. Agreed most Delhites love bling, but don’t we normal (read boring) people count too? And they were either shaped like pillowcases or tents. Do you guys design only for plus sized women! I shot at the store attendant. I was feeling a little alarmed now. Oh dear, what was I supposed to do now. 

Thankfully, the husband was now free from the clutches of the over enthusiastic optometrist and was looking for me. He has a calming effect on me - can’t say the same for myself. Nineteen years of handling a drama queen of a wife, he knows exactly what to say and do.

We were now headed to another mall across the road. Checked out a few more revolting churidar kurta sets, hassled a few more shop assistants and I was ready to give up. Has someone issued a fatwa against aesthetically designed outfits? Have they all gone underground, hiding in musty trunks? 

It was, at this moment of hopelessness and utter despair that I walked into a sari shop - Delhi’s favourite over the last three decades. The saris were gorgeous but the mammoth sized kurtas that looked so last century, made me sulk. Gosh, even I was getting tired of sulking now. And then, as I turned around in slow motion, my eyes beheld “the one”, beckoning to me, shimmering in all its glory. Yes, even clothes have a body language that only women can comprehend. It was in a gorgeous weave and in muted shades of olive & mauve. Thankfully it wasn’t stitched so I didn’t have to worry about the fit or rather the lack of it. Ok, my eyes popped out when I saw the bill, but WTF it was worth it.

Dahling, I need a silver arm band to go with the outfit. Let’s go to Khan Market this weekend, shall we? (Insert endearing smiley expression). We can also gorge on Khan Chacha’s (world famous in India, kabab rolls). Good idea naa? And later we can also check out the collection at Anokhi....
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  1. A hilarious expedition!
    You are quite a handful for your hubby! :P
    By the time I read the last line, I was rofl!!
    So much drama just for a piece of cloth!! (no smirking here, just amused) :)

  2. I see you as very demanding.And why not?One must have the best during festivals.
    Are you mentioning MGF and DT City centre?

  3. Well plus sizes in designer stores- my theory is, till recently, weight was a sign of the 'prosperity at home' what we call achche khaate peete ghar ke types...Its only now that with tummy tucks and gym trips that khaate peete has been replaced, isnt it..give the designers some time to understand delhi behnjis all over again, ji..;)

  4. Girish..And it was worth it...Got what I was looking for.

    BK Chowla..Both MGF and DT centre. Why just festivals...I demand and expect the best all the time :)

    Journo....We do have stores like Anokhi, W & FabIndia that stock all sizes and different fits. Sadly most "designers" prefer taking the fattest route out.

  5. :-)) Buying clothes is the biggest struggle of our lives. We have to fight against so many odds!!

  6. Vicious...:))

    magiceye...Yea, writing about fluff can be fun.

    Giribala...yes...yes...yes...I finally meet my soul sister.

  7. My dad prefer going shopping with me instead with mom. I, unlike mom, buy anything without thinking twice. You are so very like my mom....very choosy.

  8. And the story continues.......... ;)

  9. Nethra...I have far too many Mom traits :)

    Prateek...You bet, the Khan Market expedition was even better.

  10. //Do you guys design only for plus sized women!

    You must be kidding! The wafer-thin women always have an advantage when it comes to shopping. And I know coz I belong to the 'slightly heavy' group; and trying to get readymades that my ilk can wear is a nightmare! Maybe up north it's easier to shop in plus size... believe me, it's not so down south. So don't berate shops for keeping their options 'big'.

  11. in the south they make these Indian stuff for college goers and I rarely find anything that fits me...opposite of your problem!
    So its the malls in Chennai that I plunder every other month till my husband sees stars!

  12. I feel for your husband's plight!
    Are all your expeditions this funny?
    In all the drama, how long did the whole 'journey' last?

  13. Hahahaha... I'm still trying to catch my breath from laughing. Purba you nailed it. I totally understand what you're going through, and the attraction towards the piece you finally picked up.

    Note to God : Please, pretty please, find me a guy who understands my need to shop, simply because I can be crazy and difficult at times.

  14. Rajashree..:))

    Vinitha...My problem is with stores, that follow the one size fits all logic.

    Nalini...Lol..isn't getting them made to order a better idea?

  15. D2..They are fun...funny happens in the head :)

    mazingout...Hey even if you can't, what are girlfriends for?

    Pray that he can cook and generally fend for himself! That's far more important.

  16. :) Thats another one for my list then! Thanks!

  17. Congratulations to both of you for ninteen years of marriage.

    I think I should postpone my marriage plans till I can afford the post-marriage expenses :)

  18. wow clothes having body language...never heard of that before....

  19. mazing..The heart follows no logic :))

    Kevin...LOL...naa am sure she can take care of herself and her expenses.

    Shahid....Ha!!! yea you should watch "Confessions of a Shopaholic" to know what I mean.

  20. Just think of it this way! you wear one of those outfits and can save on the electricity bill! LOL

    PS: Did you get that armband? :)

  21. Khan Chachas. Khan Chachas. Khan Chachas.

    I've been reminded again of what I miss most! Argh!

    (Also, love the rolling flow of this post. Awesomeness)

  22. Zephyr...Nopes, I'm still looking for the elusive one :(

    Kartikay...And I loved their hip new ambiance. The rolls were to die for!

  23. 'Now we women have this unique talent of creating islands of needs even if we are swimming in a sea of plenty"
    such good understanding you have :P

    Loved your post as always.
    keep writing Purba

  24. LOL :D Brilliant piece... And the truth hits the stone-iron conscience at times, like when reading about creating those islands of needs, but bounces off right away.

  25. Muddassir...Yea... women love self analyzing and thanks.

    coffeebean...Oh we are delightfully incorrigible.

  26. Nice one Purba :)..You bet, everything is so damn bling nowadays..no place for aesthetics or decent ones ! Hehe, you can write on almost anything and make it so interesting..

  27. Retail therapy is the best kind! :)

  28. My sister too end up with kinda same situation. And thats not it, she blames me for landing her into'no good suits' jeopardy. Women, Grrr!! :)
    Enjoyed your post.

  29. Priyanka...It's bling gone haywire that puts me off.

    Supernova...Just like a soothing balm for the aching soul :P

    Prateek...Humour her, you'll miss these days when she is married and gone.

  30. Yes I do. But she's an evil.

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