Notable Newbie?

Should I be alarmed or should I feel flattered?  Blogadda featured me as a notable newbie.  Eight months of blogging and 89 posts later,  I though I was a veteran already.

But hey it's Diwali, it feels great. Thank you blogadda.  And since I'm in the mood to blow my own trumpet, I might as well let you know that  "Asia"  has featured my Bhaai post in their news magazine.  It also gives me an opportunity to make an Oscar like speech. Do I hear loud music, trying to drown me out?  Well, I"ll keep it sharp but simple.....May you have a Phataka of a Diwali and fun unlimited.


  1. Should I congratulate you? :P Newbie...ha ha ha! :D :P

  2. Thats great news. congrats and happy diwali:-)

  3. Congratulations!

    Newbee or not, you are certainly notable :) Just incase I haven't said it before - I love the way you write.

    Happy Diwali to you and your family too!

  4. I second Smitha here.

    Happy Diwali to you and your family.
    And I hope the nincompoops at Blogadda realise that you've been blogging for a while now!

  5. Congratulations!! And I third Smitha!! :D
    A very happy and joyous Diwali to you and your family!
    Cheers :)

  6. Lol even I got the same feeling. It is kinda weird for blogadda to feature those whom I already took as veteran bloggers.
    But congrats nonetheless! :P and Happy Diwali!

  7. WooHoo .. congrats. This makes Diwali all the more special for you. Happy Diwali.

  8. Congrats Purba. Feels great when fellow writers are awarded. Have a great Diwali. And by the way where in Gurgaon are u? I am in Park View City one.

  9. Lol.. Blogadda just woke up and smelt some coffee (read your blog, I mean). Congratulations! :) Have a wonderful diwali..

  10. tan tana tarraaaaa.......
    dhinchak dhinchak dhin dhin dhin!!!

  11. Congrats! I am happy for you :-)

  12. Hmm..intriguing. Writing a post about your recent achievements is all right but when and where is the treat.

  13. (1) May Life be a Festival unto you and your family this Deepawali.

    (2)Your Bhai post touched me.

    (3)Blogadda who?

  14. Nethra...Sweetheart am I being ragged? :P


    Smitha...Awww...thanks, ,means a lot to me :))

    Shilpa...Better late than never I guess!

    Samadrita...Well, it was a strange feeling. But welcome the spotlight :)

    Kiran...Ha....I guess it does

  15. Alka..Gurgaon!! haan? I am in Palms,
    we are having an informal bloggers meet this Saturday. Wanna meet up?

    Priyanka...LMAO, guess they finally did.

    Thanks Jidhu.


    Giribala...Thanks sweetheart :))


    Prateek...French roast coffee, freshly brewed??

    Umashankar....Laughed the loudest at you comment. Well said :))

  16. Gud write up...Happy Diwali to u...

  17. Indiblogger pwns Blogadda anyday. I bet most people are on blogadda just for traffic. xP


    And Happy Diwali ! :)

  18. lol blogadda is too slow! Happy Diwali!

  19. Congrats! You certainly deserve all the accolades. Happy Diwali to you and your family!

  20. Purba.... newbie??!!! But surely notable....point noted ma'm!

    Happy Diwali!!

  21. Thanks vicious and Pratish.

    Ujjwal...Have never got traffic from Blogadda :(

    Aditya...That they are :)

    Zephyr...Mucho thanks


  22. A Baby is called a 'Newborn Baby' until it is a year old. Even in work, unless you complete a year at work, you are referred to as a fresher or a newbie. :)

    @Purba In that context, congratulations. :)

    @Samadrita What would we call bloggers who have been blogging for years now? :P

    @Mazingout Do you want to share some too? Freshly brewed Filter Kaapi!

    @UjjwalRaj We are not here to 'Pawn' anybody. We are here to help Indian Bloggers 'Pawn' the world. Talking about traffic, I am sure you would not say no to it? WIll you?

    @Aditya Bloggers need time to prove and not all are as regular and as awesome as Purba is. :)

  23. Mucho thanks Pankaj :)

    Harish... Point noted-moi is still a toddler, taking baby steps in the big bad world of blogging :))

  24. Congrats Notable Newbie! Keep writing! :)

  25. Congragulations...and celebrations... :-)

  26. Aww you guys are the sweetest.

    Thanks Shail and Blue Lotus :)

  27. congrats....publicity is always welcome in blogosphere :)

  28. I remember you having some 100 followers when I has some 110.

    Today I have 138 and you have 200!

    That says it all! Way to go!

  29. Congratulations Diwali!! The feeling of being recognized is priceless and unexplainable joy. You must celebrate for having this achievement. Once again, congratulations! Way to go!
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