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I have a confession to make – I watched Game, first day, first show, on April fool’s day.  Of late I have been feeling a bit reckless. After the Ravan fiasco watching Bachhua’s movie is always risky business. Me, I hate taking risks alone and I’m always looking for co-victims. So, I laid out my trap, dangled a few carrots, made sickly sweet promises and managed to trap not one but two bakras.

In the morning when I read Game’s review in the TOI, my heart sank deeper than the Titanic.  When someone like Nikhat Kazmi, a critic who praises every trashy movie under the filmy sun, pans a new release – you can’t help but feel distraught.  Geez what have I gotten myself into.  Should I turn up my collar, look shady and try to sell my tickets to unsuspecting strangers?  Tee and Cub will kill me with their whining. Aww c’mon it has Farhan Akhtar at the helm of matters, it can’t be that bad!  After a long animated discussion with me and myself, it was decided that we will go ahead like the crew of Star Trek – to boldly go where no man has gone before. Aye aye captain!

The hall was packed if you didn’t look beyond the last three rows and I had two smelly men who were in love with the sound of their voice sitting right next to me.  In my sternest school teacher voice, I asked them to shut up or move to the front rows.  It worked like magic.

Game, directed by Abhinay Deo is a suspense drama.  A billionaire, Kabir Malhotra (Anupam Kher) invites the four lead characters to his private island in Greece.  The lead characters are multinational but their dil is phir bhi Hindustani – Aby baby from Istanbul, badly in need of a shave, Gillette better take note.  Boman Irani an aspiring prime ministerial candidate from Thailand with perpetually raised eyebrows and a spooky surname – Ramsay,  Jimmy Shergil a perspiring film star with a haunted past from where else but Mumbai and Shahana Goswani – a journalist from London who loves her drink too much.   It turns out they have all been involved in the life and death of Malhotra’s long lost daughter Maya (Sarah Jane) and the reclusive tycoon is maha pissed-off with them.  He offers them vintage wine and then drops the bombshell (thou shalt go to prison) and none of them end up having that precious wine!! What a colossal waste. Kher has a gorgeous house and an even more gorgeous assistant, but before I could ask for his phone number & address, he kills himself.

The IVS (International Vigilance Squad) comes swooping in and it’s then you are confounded with the eternal truth – you can escape from India but you cannot escape Indians.  Even the chief investigating officer Sia Agnihotri (Kangana Ranaut) of an international agency and her incredibly dumb deputy are desis.  No wonder the firangs hate us, we have taken all their jobs!

The story takes off with why-he-done-it and gradually changes to whodunit.  The movie is beautifully shot in picturesque locales of Istanbul and Greece has all the requisite emotions for a perfect flick.

 Comedy...Kangana Ranaut with her collagen plumped lips, looking all earnest, twirling her pen furiously and erupting into -  I jusst dun’t bilivvv this!  I don’t believe this either!

Relief...Kangy not saying “You baasturdd!!”  like she did in the movie “Fashion”.

Tragedy....Seeing a wine as old as old as Thomas Jefferson going waste.  Really! Couldn’t Anupam Kher have behaved better as a host and let his guests enjoy their wine in peace rather than pieces?   And seriously guys couldn’t you have just drunk the damn wine before shattering your glasses?

Horror.... Seeing Abhishekh Bacchan without his shirt.

Agony.... Having to bear with Cub constantly playing with an empty box of tic tac ...tuk tukkk tukkkkkk and hearing Tee say every five minutes – Mum I’m so hungry!

Suspense...Mr Idea magically loses weight when he breaks into OP Ramsay’s office and just as quickly regains it when he takes his monkey cap off. The weight is over!

Climax...Even a Farhan Akhtar can pen lame dialogues.  Sample this...Question- Aajkal aap kam nazaar aate hain.  Retort – Apne kabhi chasmaa lagane kaa sochaa hai?

Verdict – If you can ignore Abhishek’s leftover Ravan antics and not squirm at Kangana’s funny accented English, Game is actually not a bad watch.  Agreed the plot was a little far-fetched and twin-obsessed but it was moderately paced and kept the viewers engrossed.  A cool watch, if you are looking for style tips or planning a trip to foreign locales. 

Conclusion – Will definitely plan a trip to Istanbul next summer.
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  1. You know....I am still going to CRIB about it. We should have watched Sucker Punch.

  2. Farhan.. probably did it on purpose. :)to mess around with the movie.

    What baffles me, is why they'd pick that line and put it in a promo.

  3. He! He! He! You have a great turn of phrase. I especially loved the 'twin obsessed' remark. :))
    I never liked AB's baby. And after he married that ice cube-even less. When you said island and unsuspecting people, I was reminded of Agatha Christie's 'And then there were none'. But I suppose this wasn't anything like it. (?)
    PS: I didn't even know that a movie by this name has been released!! Shows how out of touch with times I am.

  4. ha ha ha loved every bit it.
    and lady, why this hatred towards kangana? ;-) *smirks*
    Felt the same when i watched Prince. Man that movie sucked big time and i watched it dubbed in Tamil. My fate!
    Aye aye captain [Dead Poets] effect eh!
    I Love those lines..

  5. I think I'll pass this movie. Not that I watch every movie that is released, rather I literally dont watch any, but still you just showed me the whole movie as I watch it in my own media player.
    Open>>Forward>>Forward More>>More>>More>>More...>>Done.

    I watch 2 and a half hour movies in 5 minutes straight. You made me do it even faster. An earnest thank you :)

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  6. Nowadays, I do not watch bollywood movies except Amir Khan's and I'm not gonna watch this movie too. I must tell one thing though...your review is surely entertaining than the movie itself would have been.

  7. Hahaha... Thanks Purba, shall refrain frm watching Game;) Hate both Bachchan Jr and Kangana;)

  8. My confession is I witnessed Mr. and Mrs Khanna. I am still seeking out shelter; people who suffered all because of me are asking for their money back or my life.

  9. Snow Leopard ...I suggest you watch "Sucker punch" with your bag of candies and "Snapple" for company.

    mazingout...I don't want him to sing, act - just want him back as a Director.

    Deepa...Glad you are out of touch with times - it can mess with your levels of sanity otherwise. And yes the plot did have a whiff of Ms Christie's "And then there were none".

  10. Karthick...Actually the Aye Aye bit was inspired from the Star Strek series :) And I don't hate Kangana, it's too strong a word. But she does tend to get on your nerves.

    Anshul...Fast forward to the end? Ha...what an idea sirjee.

    Nethra...Hey I've seen worse movies!

  11. Cloud nine...I felt it was unfairly panned. Certainly didn't deserve the one and a half stars.

    Prateek...OMG...but why?

  12. I better start following your reviews rather than the ones in the paper!

    I think ill skip this one!

  13. Well to start with, it was a no brainer and i can agree with Tee and Cub- why watch Abhi's movie when you know beforehand it do deserve a bravery medal..

  14. lovely review! had fun reading it!
    thanks for the warning!
    have a super turkish holiday!!

  15. Abhishek without a shirt ...
    I would have gone into shock ...
    The promo's did seem to be good enough to know not to go watch it. But hey, do keep watching such movie and writing reviews. Yours are far better than many I read in the newspapers. Have U ever considered doing that as an option?

  16. People who waste wine should be hanged.How dare they publicize such mortal sins?
    May be I'll risk the movie just for Istanbul and Greece...Loved the review and definitely more fun than the movie itself

  17. lol!! The only reason that I had any hopes from the movie was becasue of the "Excel Production" factor but I will stay away from it!!!! Aby Baby is going thru a bad luck phase so better stay away from him ;)

  18. After 'comedy','relief','tragedy','horror','agony','suspense','climax' and 'verdict', my 'afterthought' would have been -"why me? everytime!':D
    and then the next 'thought' would have been-"probably, coz M GAME everytime!":D.
    nice read.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Loved the review and could empathise with the twin 'agonies'. I think I will skip the movie though. Even two tubs of popcorn can't make me go to a badly made whodunit.

  21. Perception....Waiting for my medal. Are you couriering it?

    magiceye...Turkey here I come!!!

    chocolateanddreams....Thanks so much - it's not as if I review every movie I watch. But this one was begging for one:p

  22. chandana...Dum Maro Dum better be good. I am tired of getting disappointed.

    Blue Lotus...Exactly! how dare you waste vintage wine? But the movie is not as bad as it's made out to be. Certainly better than any Akshay Kumar no brainer.

    Smita...Poor chap, he needs an idea to save that career of his!

  23. 4 those who care ...LMAO...always game for Game!

    Zephyr...And agony of agonies, I guessed the murderer's in the first scene itself!!

  24. Small B is hell bent on living up to his name....Hope he finally gets some IDEA.

  25. love that bastuuurrd comment. U sat thru Kangana and AB. Respect! Respect!

  26. You the woMAN hats off to you for sitting 3 hours to watch a AB movie ...

    Now jsut because i know you through the blog, and since you done it and just out of resepct for you I will promise to see a movie.. :)

    ok ok on serious note for some reason I dont mind watching AB :) he heheeh


  27. it's a joy doing a review on bad movies....atleast reading thm. I love picturising ur agony!!

  28. Alka...I almost feel sorry for that chap.

    confusedyuppie...Naa, wasn't brave enough to watch "Tanu weds Manu"! it for my sake and not Aby Baby!
    Yea he is not a bad actor, just going through a bad phase.

    Jon...The movie didn't agonize me as much as Cub constantly playing with his mobile! And going tikk tukkk tikk with that empty container.

  29. Everytime I decide to watch a Hindi movie (after a long, long, unbelievably long) gap, I read something like this.

    Junior Bachchan, shirtless? I'll stay home this weekend, thank you very much.

  30. Watch Mr and Mrs Khanna and you too will get adjust in the list of people aching to sulk me. :P

  31. Thanks for saving my time...will give it the miss (dont like baby Bachhan much anyway!)

  32. Oh, you are good at reviewing too! Hindi movies provide great inspiration and encouragement to me. They make me feel better about my artistic abilities and sensibilities :-)

  33. well well make it no easier whether i should be game for game or not this weekend no matter the sword on my head lol....

  34. You .. you .. you quoted STAR TREK of all the things in the world! Tch tch tch. I have to stop talking to you now. #StarWarsFan

    Also, nice review! Next time - hopefully - Suckerpunch :)

  35. HAHAHA!!!

    //No wonder the firangs hate us, we have taken all their jobs!//


    I ws supposed 2 go 4 this movie last Sunday ...guess procrastination works :)

    AB Baby needs2get his game back - the dude seriously needs more thn an idea 2 save his saggin career.

    I like the movie's tagline too - "It's not over till it's over" - it's more like a warning about the movie!!! :P

    The think the only 'Game' I'll resort to in the coming weeks after the World Cup, is IPL :)

    Thnx fr ur review, Purba :)

  36. Its a lovely movie without a doubt...but that's all :) Your review is so much more entertaining than the!

  37. Rindo...But it's so much fun reviewing such movies. thanks

    Aneeta...It's Baby B's loss

    Giribala...Hahah...I'm so tempted to watch Thank you - just for the pleasure of reviewing it.

  38. RK...You better not miss it...your sis will keeeeel you otherwise.

    Karthikay....Hey, but the lunch was good and so was the coffee :p
    Not Sucker Punch puhleeeez!

    R-A-J...Hey watch it, it's a stylishly shot movie. Good time pass.

    Siddhartha...During the movie my was mind was working overtime - even made notes in my mobile :D

  39. wonder why junior was alone this time. normally AB family hunts in packs. Not even a cameo by BigB, ARB or JB?

  40. Kangana's accent is hilarious. And i think she is aware of that since she spoke in monosyllables while on KJo's so called 'chat show'. :)

  41. Harish...ROFL...this comment deserves a Pulitzer.

    Priya...But she has an incredible sense of style.

  42. I agree on the style part...she looks quite bohemian too..but sadly even she is part of the plastic brigade now :|

  43. Hey, you have got an award :). Check it out - here

  44. how sick!
    n how cool!!

    cool=review! well, of course(after the world cup.. #lame)

    Yes! loved reading it and it made me shed all the melancholy being carried since last two(yes, just two) days!!

    Loved the Kangana verbose.. khee khee khee.. I can mimc it but cudnt even imagine it could be written so well khee khee !! Hats off!! khee khee khee..

    and yes.. you have inspired me to watch it.

    and one more.. am sure it'll be fun watching ANY movie with you!! I wish!! *sigh*

    muaah.. (sincere feelings!)

  45. Priya...She still manages to stand out.

    Sunil...Thank you, much appreciate it.

    mepretentious... Glad you were reunited with khee khee :D Melancholy is not meant to nursed.

    He will be much more fun doing rastaa shopping with you, damn I need bakras!

  46. Ha Ha... So I am lucky.. I will watch movies only on TV

  47. Thank you for a chuckle-inducing review. I was planning to watch this because it is produced by Farhan Akhtar and his business partner. Their movies are good. Despite the negative reviews, I still want to watch it. :)

  48. Rama Mohan...The ad breaks are yawn inducing.

    Nona...Hey it's a fun watch but yes had expectations from Excel productions.

  49. Abhishek Bachchan without a shirt? No thanks I better give this one a miss. :P :P

  50. Purba,

    Thanks. I am no game for this Game. As it is I hardly watch movies now even on TV, this one is totally c & b.

    Take care

  51. Samadarita...Hahaha...all of us were wincing in the audience.

    Jack...And thank you for taking the trouble to read my posts :)

  52. the promos itself were so terrible. Thank god I had no time to go for it...What is wrong with Jr. AB if no good movies are coming his way its better to sit at home than do such crappy ones.

    BTW I hear you are Kartikay exchanged some interesting gossips also about bollywood?? A Jhalmuri Times issue on it please... I want my dose too!

  53. "Will definitely plan a trip to Istanbul next summer."

    ^my first sentence after the end credits. err, yea. I was in the hall till the end credits.

    P.S.: was it just me or did anyone else think that the movie had a Sidney Sheldon touch to it.

  54. Delhizen...Naah ...too spicy to be shared on a blog.

    Stolen Halo...I though the movie had shades of Agatha Christies' Ten Little Indians.


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