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My friends or rather aspiring nephews have ventured into the big bad world of online commerce.  They claim to be seasoned market gurus rather than mere babe in the woods.  The site "Dealaram" is novel in concept and spoils you silly with discounts.  From International clothing brands, to discounts on the funky Tantra tees, to a whopping 40% off on Alphonso's, they have it all.  So if you are a sucker for deals, you will  fall in love with this site.   

Presenting to you Dealaram......


I am Dealaram. A new name in the world of online commerce. But that doesn't mean I am short of enthusiasm. No, sir , no. I am here to create a niche for myself in the blooming market and rise to a new level.
Now I am sure, these words would have raised quite a number of questions in your head. I will try to answer all of them.

Who Is This Loud-mouth And What Does He Do?

Like I said, my name is Dealaram. I am a deal aggregator. I collect deals, from different offline and online vendors and I offer them to you for a small amount depending on the savings. You can use the coupon to avail the said discount. 

But There Are So Many E-Com Sites.

A Good question. First of all, I don't call my self an e-com site. I am as I said in the previous question, a deal aggregator. Or rather lets give it a new term: A Dealagator. I snap up deals for you like an alligator. In simpler terms you can say, I am the guy who puts the restaurant pamphlets and discount coupons at your doorstep. 

What is New About You?

I have tried to combine a coupon system with the benefits of bulk buying. The deals can be bought in exchange for a few coins. The day you register with me, your account will be credited with 200 coins. There are different ways by which yo can earn more coins eg by promoting me, blogging about me, promoting my Twitter handle and FB pages etc. Other than that, you can recharge the coins in your account. That is our online currency, similar to what you will see in the browser based games. And there are quite a few recharge options available.

Is It Free?

Yes and No. Registration is free and the first 200 coins are free. And I will conduct different events, online parties if you wish to call them from time to time where freebies will be up for grabs. But other than that, you will need to recharge the coins.

How does it Benefit Me?

In more ways than I can count. The deals I have ensure that YOU PAY LESS for what you want. I am planning to have deals not just in restaurants, spas and resorts sector, but everywhere. From Health Check-ups to Summer Workshops for kids. Books to Grocery Stores, Electronics to Furnishing Your Complete Home, Latest Fashion to Adventure Trips.....all at discount.
And more than that, I wish to have a personal touch with all my members. You can contact me through e-mail, or via my facebook page or through Twitter. Me and my team members appreciate feedback. Plus I encourage the members to tell me what kind of deals they want. And I will try my best to get them for you.

How Do I Register?

Right now the site is on beta testing and is not fully functional. To register do send an email with your details i.e. name, age, e-mail id and phone number to [email protected] The guys there are good and I assure you they will not sell your number to various telemarketers and neither will they spam your message box with PJs

For More Details, you can drop in a mail to

In the meanwhile you can check my FB page and Twitter handles. I have been putting up free coupons, which are up for grabs. Hurry!!!!!




  1. :) Thanks for putting this up

  2. Looking forward to some fun shopping with Dealaram;)

  3. Hey Purba,

    Think its the next big thing in India.. esp after Google made a $6Bn failed attempt to buy Groupon. The prospects of the dealarama market in a cost conscious country like India is enormous.

    And I buy my monthly eating out coupons from Snapdeal n the like :)

    Think ur aspiring nephews/friends r riding a lucrative wave :)

    All the best 2 'em :)

  4. hm... i will give a try...

  5. Super.. The nephew will be thrilled :)

  6. Internet is such a treasure house of creative ideas and opportunities!! I would definitely like to take a look at this. Best wishes to aspiring nephews :)

  7. @ IHM...They are fellow bloggers who aspire to be my nephews :p

  8. @Cloud9: Will be looking forward to seeing you as a regular customer :)

    @R-A-J: Thanks for the wishes. Yes, India is a cost conscious country. The Maruti ads of "kitna deti hai" are an insight into this culture.

    @Harish: Please do :)

    @Piyu: :)

    @IHM: Thanks a lot for the wishes and the support.

    @Purba...errr...I think I should call you Aunty here. :P Thanks again for putting this up.

  9. Thanks for putting it up Purba. And of course, very well written. Guys if you follow the facebook page, you will continue to get the latest discount coupons every now and then FOR FREE. All you have to do is go there and press the like button. :-)

    Jay Ho!

  10. Nice post and a novel way to introduce the business..

  11. ah! i finally get to say the word:



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