Searching, item not found - A Guest Post for Dagny Sol

When Dagny Sol, she who soothes and inspires with her immense wisdom asks you to do a guest for Serenely Rapt, you try your best not to let her down. Then you read her glowing introduction and you faint with delight.

Here's a sample of what to expect.

What do you do when you lose something? You start looking for it, right? Searching for things I’ve misplaced is my favourite cardio. I jump high, I stoop low, I move up and down the length of our apartment at frenetic pace, not once but many times, hoping that the offending object that had the temerity to get lost will finally show its face. I then add some strength training to my search routine – lifting mattresses, sofa cushions, moving dressers until rivulets of sweat start trickling down my back. I behave like a woman possessed till I find the ‘missing credit card’ nestling peacefully in the deep cavernous folds of my skirt’s pocket. 

God forbid if I can’t find the misplaced article! Being a great believer in equality, the size or the value of the ‘missing one’ is immaterial to the intensity of my grief. 

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  1. Purba, It is an absolute pleasure to have you on my blog today. And thank you for your intro. If I deserve half of it, I'll die happy.

    Thank you for adding spice to my mornings which is the time I read your posts faithfully delivered to my mailbox during the night. Many are the mornings when you've given me the first guffaw of the day. You make me buoyant, truly you do.

    More power to your pen!

  2. Left my two two pennies on Dagny's blog, Purba:)

  3. once again as usual always a pleasure to read , that you write .. Thanks for the laughs ... :)


  4. first time visiting your blog :)
    wonderful reflection post,

  5. Very apt description by Dagny:) This post is Gold and more bak bak I've done on Dagny's blog.
    Cheerz Purba:)


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